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If you have concerns that a dental provider has not acted in a professional manner, you can seek help from the Council or the Singapore Dental Association (SDA).

Council will only convene a hearing by the Complaints Committee after it has received an official complaint in writing and supported by a Statutory Declaration.

The types of issues concerning dental practitioners that Council will handle include:

1. serious professional misconduct, or

2. performance impaired by ill health, or

3. conviction.

To report on a dental practitioner, the complainant must provide as much information as possible, in writing, which include:

1. Name and address of complainant

2. Name and address of dental practitioner in question

3. Details of what, in your view, they have done wrong

4. Dates when events took place


Disciplinary proceedings [PDF, 58KB] will generally only be conducted for complaints that are received in the form of a statutory declaration [PDF, 63KB] as stated in the Dental Registration Act 1999. This requirement cuts out vexatious complaints because the complainants are liable to be punished for false declaration made under the Oaths and Declarations Act 2000.

Write to us at:

Singapore Dental Council

81 Kim Keat Road

#09-00 NKF Centre

Singapore 328836

Attention: Inspecting Officer

UPDATE: Please also email us at (Attention: Inspecting Officer) with a scanned copy of your statutory declaration, complaint letter, and supporting documents (if any).