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Certificate of Good Standing

Who can apply?

Only dentists under Full Registration are eligible to apply.

Dentist registered under Conditional Registration and Temporary Registration will be issued a Letter stating period of registration and if there are any investigations pending against him/her with the Council. 

Online application

Dentists requesting for Certificate of Good Standing can make the application online

The online registration will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. 

Processing time14 working days, or longer for more complex application.

Fees payable

$60 (non-refundable)

Mode of payment : e-payment (Visa / Mastercard).

Delivery of Certificate

With effect from 01 July 2018, request for Certificate/Letter of Good Standing will be sent to the relevant requesting authority directly from SDC. Please provide SDC with the email address of the requesting authority.

SDC will no longer facilitate self-collection, or send the original copy of the Certificate/Letter of Good Standing to the dental professional's residential/practice place address.

From May 2021, SDC has ceased the issuance of hardcopy Certificate/Letter of Good Standing. Softcopy Certificate/Letter of Good Standing will be emailed to the requesting authority. If the receiving authority requires a hardcopy Certificate/Letter of Good Standing, it has to contact SDC and provide the required justification. 

For further queries, please email to

To note

The Letter/Certificate of Good Standing is meant for overseas dental authorities for the purpose of registration to practise dentistry in the overseas jurisdiction. It is not meant for commercial activity (e.g. certify the dentist is in good standing for his/her application for public listing of his/her company) or application for APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) issued by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority, Singapore.