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Registration Procedures for OHT

Online Application

This online registration will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Documents required

Before you commence online registration, please ensure you have ready the soft copies of the supporting documents:




(must be translated into English if the

original is in a Foreign language)



Copy of the basic dental qualification (and additional qualifications, if any).


Copy of letter of verification from issuing authorities on all qualifications



Copy of the original certificate of registration/licence to practise dentistry from the Dental Council/ Licensing Authority in the last country of practice.



Copy of letter of offer of employment from prospective employer in Singapore.

For those applying for registration in Part I register, please attach proof of previous employment.



Copy of the current annual practising licence issued by the licensing authority in the last country of practice.



Copy of certificate of good standing from the licensing authority in the last country of practice (with validity period of 6 months or less).

*Council requires original Certificate of Good Standing to be sent directly from the dental council/licensing authority to SDC.



Two letters of character reference from two referees who should be senior members of the teaching staff of the institution where the applicant had received his/her training or any two references from medical/dental professionals.



Copy of Certificate or letter of fitness to practice dentistry from a local Medical Practitioner.



Copy of Certificate/letter to include information on current Hepatitis B* Immunisation status.

Note: Hep B carriers will not be allowed to register in Singapore.



One passport-size photograph (Size of photograph is 400 X 514 pixels).


Copy of identity card/passport


1.     Please submit the application along with the necessary supporting documents. To submit photograph, supporting documents or certificates online, please save them in JPEG (.jpeg) or PDF (.pdf) format.

2.     For overseas qualification, SDC’s secretariat will conduct source verification on qualification with awarding body before it is forwarded to Committee for its assessment.

To assist in verification, you are required to download Authorisation for Release of Information Forms A and B from the SDC’s website. Kindly submit the completed forms, via email, to

3.     Processing time for application – at least 2 weeks starting from date when:

·         all necessary documents are received and duly verified with relevant authorities

·          when payment for above-mentioned fees are received

4.     Formal Registration for approved applicants – all approved applicants are required to come for formal registration at :

Singapore Dental Council

81 Kim Keat Road


Singapore 328836

Please make an appointment via email at before you come over. You are required to bring along the originals for all copies of documents which you had submitted online, for verification by SDC’s secretariat.


·          $100 (non-refundable) for Application for registration as oral health therapist

Mode of payment

The fee may be paid through online e-payment or by cheque (should be crossed and made payable to “Singapore Dental Council”. Kindly state your name and details for payment) and mail to:

Singapore Dental Council

81 Kim Keat Road


Singapore 328836

Please click here to register.