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BCLS Requirement

Compulsory BCLS for all Dental Professionals for renewal of Practising Certificate (PC)

For the renewal of PC for Dentists/OHTs, all registered professionals are required to meet the necessary Continuing Professional Education (CPE) points and submit a copy of a valid BCLS certification.

A copy of the valid BCLS certification should be submitted online under Category 1C (Certification).The attendance for BCLS can be considered as a core CPE claim from 1 Jan 2016 onwards.

For the latest list of BCLS/BCLS+AED accredited training centres, you may visit Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council's (SRFAC) website here.

Waiver of practical Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) for dental professionals who are 60 years old and above or with medical conditions

Dentists and OHTs who are 60 years old and above will not be required to pass the practical BCLS for renewal of Practising Certificate (PC) due in 2017 onwards. Professionals with medical conditions that render them unfit for practical BCLS may apply for exemption by submitting their medical report to SDC. Approvals will be granted on a case-by-case basis. 

They are however still required to pass the theoretical BCLS and submit the necessary Continuing Professional Education (CPE) points and settle any "failure to vote at Election" fines (if any) for the renewal of their PC.

Last updated: 18 Dec 2018 15:58