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CPE Requirements

Dental Professionals in active practice

All Division I dentists are required to achieve 70 CPE points within a cycle period of 2 years. Out of the 70 points required, 50 points must be earned by attending verifiable activities, while the remaining 20 points may be non-verifiable. However, dentists who wish to attain all 70 points through verifiable activities may also do so.

For Division II dentists and OHTs, they will need to fulfil 50% of the CPE requirements set for the Division I dentists. That is, they are only required to achieve 35 CPE points, with 25 points verifiable and 10 points non-verifiable.

Dental Professionals
Required CPE (20% must be core) Activities
Verifiable Non-Verifiable
Dentists Division I 70 50 20
Division II


25 10
Oral Health Therapists (OHTs) 35 25 10

(Note: 1 CPE point is equivalent to 1 CPE hour)

Verifiable and Non-Verifiable Activities

Verifiable activities refer to activities listed in the CPE Event Calendar or E-Learning Programmes affirmed by SDC. Amongst the activities, only Category 3A is non-verifiable.

Core and Non-Core

Dental professionals are expected to develop core competence in areas that are both directly relevant and highly structured. For the General Dental Professionals, at least 20% of their CPE points must be in dentistry (i.e. core). The remaining may come from courses related to dentistry such as topics pertaining to medicine (i.e. non-core).

As for dental specialists, they have to obtain the same percentage of core requirement as the general dental professionals by participating in CPE activities pertaining to their specialty.

Speaker points

Local speakers in Category 1A are entitled to 1 CPE point for every hour of presentation and local speakers in Category 1B are entitled to 2 CPE points for every hour of presentation only for the first event. For repeated activities, the same local speakers delivering the same topics will be awarded participant points.

Speakers will only be awarded CPE points for giving talks and presentations to dentists and oral health therapists however under Category 1A, participation in clinical supervision, grand ward rounds or any clinical service activity are not entitled to any CPE points.

Dental Professionals under Did-Not-Apply-Licence (DNAL) and De-registered status who want to apply for PC

For dental professionals under DNAL or De-registered status, who wish to return to active practice, are required to fulfill the following requisites 6 months ahead:

  • For Division I dentists
    Minimum of 18 CPE points with 20% core requirement and at least 13 verifiable CPE points must be accumulated within the last 6 months before starting active practice


  • For Division II dentists and OHTs
    Minimum of 9 CPE points with 20% core requirement and at least 7 verifiable CPE points must be accumulated within the last 6 months before starting active practice.


Having met the above requisites, the dental professionals would then be granted a practising certificate to resume practice. To renew the practising certificate, the dental professional is required to attain the pro-rated CPE requirements.

Lower CPE points

In view of their nature of work, certain group of dental professionals will be granted lower CPE points as fulfilment of the requirement for CPE. This special privilege is granted to dental professionals who are engaging only in:

  • voluntary work, and/or
  • administrative work


The above groups are required to attain 20 CPE points with at least 14 verifiable CPE points and no core requirement. Since they had been granted lower CPE points, which is much lower than normal, pro-ration of CPE will not apply to them.

When the above group of dental professional wishes to resume active practice, they are required to fulfill the following requisites before resuming active practice:

  • For Division I dentists
    Minimum of 35 CPE points with 20% core requirement and at least 25 verifiable CPE points must be accumulated within the last 12 months before starting active practice.


  • For Division II dentists or OHTs
    Minimum of 18 CPE points with 20% core requirement and at least 13 verifiable CPE points must be accumulated within the last 12  months before starting active practice.

Pro-ration Of CPE Points

CPE points would be pro-rated for dental professionals under the following circumstances:

i. dental professionals under DNAL or De-registered status who wish to resume dental practice will have to fulfill the requisites and their CPE points will be pro-rated from the time when they join the QP.

ii. newly registered dental professionals who joined at any point of time during the QP.

Exception: Dental professionals on Maternity Leave will not be granted pro-rated CPE points.

Formula for Pro-ration of CPE points:

Pro-ration of CPE points is calculated using the formula as follows:

No. of Days in QP

Total no. of Days in QP

CPE Requirement =
Pro-rated CPE Requirement

Failure To Meet CPE Requirements

Dental professionals who failed to meet the CPE requirements would not have their practising certificates renewed until they have made good the shortfall in CPE points. SDC will work with course providers to ensure that CPE programmes are held regularly throughout the year to ensure that dental professionals are given full opportunities to fulfil their CPE requirements. In addition, providers will be asked to conduct more courses during the last quarter of the 2nd year cycle to help those who have not completed the required hours.