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Registration-related Forms
image Giro Form [PDF, 90KB]
image Application form for Extension of Temporary Registration [PDF, 121KB]
image Dentist - Form 1 [PDF, 192KB]
image Dentist - Form 2 [PDF, 326KB]
image OHT - Form 1 [PDF, 293KB]
image OHT - Form 2 [PDF, 403KB]
image Notification Form_List A_ 2013 [PDF, 358KB]
image Notification Form_List B_ 2013 [PDF, 182KB]
image Application form for Registration of displayable qualifications for OHTs [PDF, 527KB]
 image Letter of Undertaking for Supervisors of Part II OHTs [PDF, 185KB]
 image Letter of Undertaking for Supervisors of Conditional Registrant [PDF, 185KB]
 image Guidebook for supervision of dental practitioners [PDF, 3MB]
 pdf_icon SDC Scenario-based FAQs for Supervisors [PDF, 232KB]
Complaints Related Form
Decoration Statutory Declaration Form [PDF, 63KB]
PRS User Manuals
Decoration PRS User Manual for Dental Professionals [PDF, 5MB]
Decoration PRS User Manual for CPE Providers [PDF, 2MB]
Aesthetic Facial Procedures
 Decoration Guidelines AFP 2021 [PDF, 210KB]
Decoration Application Form [PDF, 222KB]
 Decoration Logbook Cover Sheet (Annex A) [PDF, 116KB]
 Decoration Logbook Illustration Template [PDF, 100KB]