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Requirements for Accredited CPE Providers

i. Administration

  • Accredited providers should assign an administrator to take charge of the necessary administrative responsibilities.
  • He/ She will be responsible for the submission of activities and attendances electronically to SDC.
  • He/ She will become the point of contact with SDC.

ii. Submission of Event

  • Accredited Providers have to submit their events electronically at least 1 month before the event starts. It is encouraged that the events be submitted as early as possible.

iii. Attendance Record

The attendance record must adhere to the following:

  • Attendance must be taken at the beginning of each session/ activity.
  • A column for DCR number and signature for verification must be included in the attendance list. Providers have to ensure that the DCR number is clearly written by the dental professional; otherwise, no CPE points will be awarded for the dental professional.
  • To ensure that the dental professionals who have attended the activity will be accredited with the points he deserve, the attendance record must be submitted to SDC through the online system by the following deadlines:

a. Category 1A activities: within 1 month after end of every session
b. Category 1B activities: within 1 month from the last day of event

Important: Hardcopies of attendance records are not required to be submitted to SDC. However, providers are required to keep these hardcopies for a minimum of 4 years and must be available upon request by SDC for audit purposes.

iv. Renewal of Accredited provider status

  • Please refer to the revised criteria for renewal of status for Accredited providers, with effect from 1 July 2019. 
Criteria for Renewal of Accredited Provider Status

No. of event hours in 2 years

At least 15 hours (including co-organized events)
Please exclude time taken for registration, breaks, lunch etc. in the calculation of the number of hours.

Class size per event

At least 10 registered dental professionals, excluding speakers



Not solely for the purpose of promoting any products


Event display on Council’s calendar