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Update of Particulars

Under Section 13 (4) of the Dental Registration Act, registered dentists are required to update his/her particulars to SDC within 28 days of the change.

Important Notes

Every person whose name is entered in any of the registers shall inform the Registrar in writing of any change in his practice address or residential address within 28 days thereof, except that a person who makes a report of a change in his residential address under section 8 of the National Registration Act 1965 shall be deemed to have complied with this subsection on the date on which he makes the report.

Registered Dentists are required to update ALL Practice Places that he/she will be practising at. Updates must be made within 28 days of any new Practice Place(s) and any change in address (including block/level/unit number).

To update your particulars, click here to log into your SDC account.

Updates requiring review by SDC

1.       Identification Type/Number

2.       Full Name

3.       Nationality

4.       Residential Status

For Items 1-4, please upload a copy of your identification for SDC to verify.


5.       Employment Details

For Dentist on Conditional / Temporary Registration, please upload a copy of employment letter for verification

You may refer to instructions below:

·         Update of Particulars online [PDF, 354KB]

·         Update of Employment/Practice Place online [PDF, 398KB]

Processing Time : 2 weeks