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Temporary Registration

Dentist under temporary registration is only allowed to practise for a short period of time.

Criteria for Temporary Registration:


who is in Singapore for the purpose of teaching, research or postgraduate study in dentistry under such training scheme as may be approved by the Council for that purpose;


who possesses dental knowledge, experience and skill which the Council considers to be of international standing or are such as to have special value to the people of Singapore; or


who is not otherwise entitled to be registered as a dentist under this Act but who, in the opinion of the Council, possesses other qualifications which are adequate for the purposes of registration under this Act.


Guidelines on work for dentists under Temporary Registration

Research work* 70% research and 30% others

Teaching work** 60% teaching and 40% others

*application must include summary of research projects proposed or currently undertaken which are approved by anInstitutional Review Board (IRB) or Ethics Review Board.

** refers to teaching of undergraduates or post-graduate dental students and must be registered as a full or part-time teaching faculty with the Faculty of Dentistry, NUS

Registration shall be for a period not exceeding 3 years which may be renewed, at the discretion of the Council, for such further period as the Council thinks fit.

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