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Apply for QE

Documents to be submitted

If you have met the criteria listed here, please submit the following documents by email:

1.    Application Form [PDF, 47KB]   

2.    Copy of NRIC/Passport (for applicants applying under Criteria ii, please submit Spouse or Children NRIC)

3.    Copy of Basic Dental Degree Certification

4.    Copy of Program Syllabus (for applicants applying under Criteria iii)

5.    Curriculum Vitae (with information relating to your personal particulars, qualifications, working experience etc)

6.    Copy of letter of offer of employment from prospective employer in Singapore.

7.    *Completed and duly signed Authorisation for Release of Information Forms A [PDF, 7KB] and B [PDF, 45KB]

8.    Copy of Certificate of Registration or current practising licence from the Dental Council/ Licensing Authority in the last country of practice.

Kindly submit the completed forms and all necessary documents, via email, to:

SDC’s secretariat will conduct source verification on qualification(s) with the awarding body and registration status with the licensing authority before it is forwarded to Council for consideration. Please note that verifications will be by email/post. Email verifications from unofficial domains etc. yahoo, Hotmail, will not be accepted.

You will be informed of the outcome by post or email.



Processing time : At least 2 weeks, starting from the date when the completed application form and necessary documents (including duly verified information) are received.