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Accreditation of courses for Certificate of Competence (COC)

Courses applying for COC Status must fulfil the following Accreditation Criteria: (with effect from 6 July 2015) 

1. Duration:

·         at least 8 hours for each procedure

·         courses that are less than 8 hours may be granted partial


·         such partially accredited courses may be combined to fulfil this 8-

          hour criterion provided they are complementary and not repetitive. 

2. Course content:

·         Basic science- anatomy and pharmacology

·         Patient selection

·         Techniques

·         Management of complications

·         Live demo

·         Hands-on workshop – models/cadavers, patients 

3. Test:

·         Theory/Practical 

4. Instructors:

·        Medical or Dental Practitioners registered with SMC or SDC, with requisite training and experience and have been accredited under the respective Aesthetic Practice guidelines

·        Medical or Dental Practitioners who are not registered with SMC or SDC must apply for Temporary Registration in accordance with the existing Regulations with the additional requirement that the sponsoring registered dentist must have been accredited under the respective Aesthetic Practice guidelines 

5. Organization:

·         must be organized by a SDC or SMC-accredited CPD provider (including ad-hoc providers) 

6. Location:

·        All courses applying for COC accreditation must be conducted in Singapore and fulfil the requirements as set out in Annex A [PDF, 66KB]

·        Courses that fulfil the accreditation criteria will be given conditional accreditation to conduct the first course

·        Conditionally accredited courses will be audited by SDC

·        Such audits may consist of on-site assessment, post-course feedback from participants, evaluation of course materials, or other means as the Council deems fit

·        Courses that pass the audit will be granted Full Accreditation for a period of two years

·        Prior approval must be obtained for any changes to the course during this two year period

·        Re-accreditation will be done in accordance to the prevailing re-accreditation criteria in force at the time of application

·        Course organizers must comply with the requirements stipulated by MOH for the treatment of patients outside of PHMC registered clinics.


(Note: Singapore Dental Council (SDC) reserves the right to amend the above criteria for COC course accreditation)


Documents to be submitted

Please ensure that course has met criteria listed above and submit the following:

(a) Programme details

(b) CVs of instructors and speakers

(c) Proof of accreditation by SDC or SMC as Continuing Professional Education (CPE) provider (including ad-hoc providers)


Accreditation Period 

Accreditation of courses as providers of COC is valid for two years. After two years, the respective course organizers will need to re-apply for accreditation with updated course content.


Processing Time

Applications should be submitted at least one month before the course date.

Minimum processing time is two weeks (from date when full supporting documents are received).


Providers who intend to re-run the same approved COC courses within the validity period are required to 

  1. inform Council in writing at least two weeks prior to the start of the courses. 

  2. certify that there are no changes to the course. Should there be any change to the duration, content, assessment, instructor or any other part of the course submitted in the initial application, a new application for COC would be required.

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