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Register as a Dental Specialist


Applicants should first obtain accreditation from the Dental Specialists Accreditation Board (DSAB). For more information on DSAB's requirements, please access the DSAB website.

Specialist accreditation by the DSAB is currently open to SDC registered dentists who fulfill the conditions set out by the DSAB. For information on registering as a dentist with the Singapore Dental Council, please click here.

Upon obtaining the letter of accreditation from DSAB, applicants may proceed with online application for registration as specialist with the Singapore Dental Council. Prior to application, please ensure that you have registered the relevant higher qualifications with the Council.


Submit the online application, attaching the letter of accreditation from the DSAB.

Fees payable

Fee of $500.00 at point of online application.

There will be no refund and no proration of fee. 

Mode of payment

The fee may be paid through online e-payment  (Visa / Mastercard / iBanking).

Processing time

Minimum processing time after receipt of application with due supporting documents is two weeks.