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Conditional Registration

Dentist under conditional registration is required to adhere to conditions laid down by Council.

Council may specify :


that dentist registered under Conditional Registration to work for a specified period (equivalent to 2-year full-time* working hours) under the supervision of a fully registered dentist approved by the Council; and


the particular employment or the descriptions of employment for the purposes of which he is registered
under this section.

*Full-time working hours is defined as working not less than 30 hours a week

Dentists under Conditional Registration (including those who are in group practices) can only work in a maximum of two practice addresses.

Dental clinics employing dentists registered under Conditional Registration are required to nominate two supervisors (namely Supervisor 1 and Supervisor 2) for each conditional registrant.

Each nominated supervisor is only allowed to supervise a maximum of two supervisees. For more information on the roles and responsibilities of supervisors, please click here.

Supervisor 1, in consultation with Supervisor 2, will have to submit supervisory reports on the performance of the C-reg dentist(s) under their supervision during the same period.

Each Supervisor is required to submit a supervisory report to the Council once every 6 months, or when required.

Dentists under Conditional Registration, having met all requirements,may be eligible to apply for conversion to Full Registration after 2 years,subject to Council’s approval.

Criteria for Conditional Registration: Must satisfy either Category A or Category B

Category A:


holds a degree from a university specified in the Schedule [PDF, 207KB] or any other degree which is, in the opinion of
the Council, not lower in standing than a degree specified in the Schedule;


graduates from recognised dental schools listed in the Schedule must pass the relevant State/Regional
Board licensing examination in the country which they attained their basic dental degree. For any country
that imposes such licensing conditions on its own dental graduates, the corresponding conditions will also
be required for registration to practise in Singapore;

With effect from 1 Jan 2029, a foreign trained dentist who holds a degree from a university specific in the revised lists of Schools will have to take and pass the Qualifying Examination to be considered for conditional registration to practice dentistry in Singapore. 

Click here [PDF, 428KB] to view the infographic on amendment to DRA and here [PDF, 207KB] to view the current Schedule and revised list of Scheduled Schools with effect from 1 Jan 2029. 


has been selected for employment in Singapore as a dentist in any hospital or other institution or dental practice approved by the Council; and


satisfies the Council that he has the knowledge and skill and has acquired the experience which is necessary for practice as a dentist.

Category B:

(i) has sat and passed qualifying examination (please refer to eligibility for application to sit for qualifying examination)

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