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Roles and Responsibilities


Kindly note that section 14A(4) of the Dental Registration Act requires dentists registered under Conditional Registration to be supervised by a Fully Registered Division 1 dentist working in the same practice for a specified period (at least 2 years).

As an employer of dentists under Conditional Registration, please ensure that your supervisee(s) are being supervised at work at all times.

1.    Employers of dentist(s) under Conditional Registration are required to nominate two supervisors (namely Supervisor 1 and Supervisor 2) for each conditional registrant. 

2.    Employers are required to submit the names and Curricula Vitae of all nominated supervisors to Council for approval.
Letter of Undertaking for Supervisors of Conditional Registrant [PDF, 185 KB]

3.    Employers should report to the SDC immediately if the dentist is considered unsafe to practise in his/her current place of practice. 

In the event that the supervisor is away, the following guidelines would apply:

a)        If assigned supervisor is away for less than 30 days, the clinic should ensure another Division 1 dentist, with more than 5 years post BDS experience, is assigned to oversee work of Conditional registrant and

Some situations where Council would consider that the supervisor is "away" include, but not limited to, the following:
1. on leave
2. on medical leave
3. on reservist

SDC reserves the right to request for proof for the supervisor of being away when necessary.

If the assigned supervisor is in Singapore and practising at a different clinic from the C-Reg dentist, he will not be deemed to be away. 

b)        If assigned supervisor is away for 30 days or more, the clinic should re-nominate and seek approval for a new supervisor to be assigned to the Conditional registrant.

For any change of supervisor(s), the clinic must inform Council at least 1-month in advance and resubmit the names and CVs of the newly appointed supervisor(s) for Council’s approval.

All employers of dentists under Conditional Registration are required to update Council when a C-reg dentist resigns from their clinic.



A supervisor must:

1.     be a fully registered Division I dentist and

2.     have at least 5 years’ post-BDS experience and

3.     work in the same clinic premises as his/her supervisee

Each nominated supervisor is only allowed to supervise a maximum of two supervisees at each time.

The supervisors are required to submit supervisory reports on the performance of their supervisees(s) for the same period. 

Responsibilities of supervisor

The supervisor should:

(i)      supervise a maximum of 2 dentists;

(ii)      provide proper guidance and training to the supervisee in the various areas of practice of dentistry during the period of conditional registration;

(iii)     ensure periodic discussions/meetings with the supervisee so as to review his or her progress and make assessment of his or her practical training.

(iv)    ensure that the conduct and practice of the supervisee adheres to the regulations and guidelines of the Council, and is befitting of the dental profession;

(v)     report to the SDC immediately if the dentist is considered unsafe to practise in his/her current place of practice;

(vi)    submit to the Council, via online submission, the Supervisor’s 6-monthly assessment reports of the supervisee.

Please note that the supervisory report will determine if the conditionally registered dentist is able to perform his/her duties satisfactorily. The supervisor should exercise due diligence when completing the report for the dentist under his/her charge. Please complete every section of the report. In the event that a supervisor is unable to continue his supervisory duties for the full period of conditional registration, he/she should inform Council immediately and Council will write to the clinic to re-nominate a new supervisor.

Supervisory Assessments

Each supervisor is required to submit a supervisory report to the Council once every 6 months, or when required. 

Assessments will be sent online from SDC to the supervisors for their assessment during every:

- End of June

- End of December

- End of assessment period

Please click here [PDF, 338KB] on instructions for submission of Supervisory Reports online.