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The Singapore Association of Pharmaceutical Industries, SAPI. is an industry association representing more than 40 multinational biopharmaceutical companies involved in R&D, manufacturing and commercialization of innovative medicines in Singapore and is self-regulated by the SAPI Code of Conduct.

The SAPI Code of Conduct has been recently revised with new guidelines on industry sponsorship for Third Party Educational Events (Article 7.2.4) with the aim to continue support of HCPs for local and overseas scientific events in an objective and transparent manner. This new guidelines are written in consultation with the Ministry of Health (MoH) and it is also aligned with the 2016 Singapore Medical Council’s Ethical Code and Ethical Guidelines (SMC ECEG).

Under the new code, all beneficiaries of Third Party Educational Events must be independently selected either by hospitals, medical associations or independent professional bodies. All logistics arrangement must be made independently of the sponsoring companies.

You may also wish to know that the other recent changes to the new SAPI Code, include changes to section 7.5 on prohibition of “Gifts and Other Items”. Please refer to the copy of 2019 SAPI Code of Conduct for more details.

Should you have any queries regarding the implementation of the SAPI Code, please direct your queries to

Letter to HCPs on changes to SAPI Code of Conduct 2019_Final
SAPI Code 2019_Final