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The Ministry of Health (MOH), through the Singapore Dental Council (SDC), has introduced new measures to ensure that the quality and competencies of foreign-trained dental graduates seeking to practise in Singapore will remain high and relevant to our local population needs.

From 1 January 2029, foreign-trained dentists are required to take and pass a Qualifying Examination (QE) before they are eligible for conditional registration, in order to demonstrate that they have the requisite clinical knowledge and procedural skills to practise dentistry in Singapore.

The list of dentistry degrees in the Schedule of the Dental Registration Act (DRA) will be revised. The number of overseas dental schools and universities in the Schedule will be reduced from the current 89 to 62. The revised Schedule will be announced by end 2021, and it will come into effect in 2029.

Please click on the link to read the MOH press release for details.