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Downloads & Forms

Continuing Medical Education Related Forms:
word Attendance Record Form for Accredited CME Events (MSWord) [DOCX, 113KB]
pdf Attendance Record Form for Accredited CME Events (PDF) [PDF, 126KB]
pdf CME Record Form for Temporary-Registered Doctors [PDF, 78KB]
word Category 1A Application Form for CME Accreditation [DOCX, 32KB]
word Compulsory CME and Core Points Requirement [DOCX, 35KB]

Complaints / Disciplinary Proceedings Related Forms:
pdf Instructions and information on submitting a complaint. [PDF, 270KB]
word Sample letter (Template) [DOCX, 29KB]
pdf Statutory Declaration Form with Document marked A [PDF, 69KB]

Medical Registration Related Forms / Guidelines :
pdf Form A - Clinical Observer/Fellow [PDF, 36KB]
pdf Form B – Clinical Fellow [PDF, 47KB]
word Hands-off Observership - Participant Form (<1 month duration) [PDF, 51KB]
word Hands-off Observership - Supervisor Form (<1 month duration) [PDF, 51KB]
pdf Letter of Confirmation by Employer (1st time employing C/T-reg doctors) – Annex B* [PDF, 63KB]
pdf Letter of Undertaking by Supervisor - Annex C [PDF, 530KB]
pdf Notification to Rotate AHI [PDF, 57KB]
pdf Form E - Statutory Declaration for Restoration [PDF, 38KB]
pdf Form F - Certificate of Identity and Good Character [PDF, 24KB]
pdf Application Form for Accreditation of Training Programme [PDF, 125KB]
pdf Application Form for Administrator (HR) User Account [PDF, 192KB]
pdf Application Form for Payment of Practising Certificate Fee through Inter-bank GIRO [PDF, 20KB]

* This form is meant for use by new entity (first-timer) seeking compliance with SMC’s Supervisory Framework