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Local Events



Cap (2-Yr PC)

Cap (1-Yr Pc)


Pre-Approved Established Programmes:

- Hospital-Wide Grand Ward Rounds
- Teaching / Tutorial Session
- Structured Training Programmes conducted 
  by DGMS, AMS & CFPS (e.g GDFM, MMed FM)

1B Local Events (e.g. scientific meetings, conferences, workshops, etc.)
All CME activities related to aesthetic practice 5 points per year save for registered specialists in dermatology and plastic surgery
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Category 1A (Pre-approved Established Programmes)


Credit Points Awarded

Submitted by

Participant: 1 to < 2 hours 1 CME point (maximum of 1 CME point per day) CME event organiser
Lecturer (Non Structured Training Programmes) 1 CME point per session
Lecturer (Structured Training Programmes) 2 CME points per session

Category 1A activities are pre-approved established CME programmes held in the hospitals and other healthcare institutions, for example: Hospital-Wide Grand Ward Rounds, Teaching Rounds, Journal Clubs, X-Ray Sessions, Mortality and Morbidity Rounds, Hospital Case Conferences; Division of Graduate Medical Studies (DGMS) courses and teaching sessions in Family Medicine (FM) Approved Training Centres (ATCs).

Ward rounds held primarily as part of routine clinical service work will not be accredited for CME points.  Only rounds such as hospital conferences or seminars will be accredited.  In addition, these activities must be pre-dominantly educational in nature, with little or no service components involved.  They must also be structured and pre-planned, and of at least an hour in duration.

Category 1B (Local Events)

Criteria/Duration Credit Points Awarded Submitted by

Participant: 1 to < 2 hours

1 CME point

CME event organiser

Participant: 2 to 4 hours

2 CME points

Participant: 1 day

4 CME points

Participant: 1.5 days

6 CME points

Participant: 2 days

8 CME points

Participant: 2.5 days

10 CME points
Participant: 3 days or more 12 CME points
Speaker 2 CME points per session

Activities under Cat 1B include Annual Scientific Meetings, Conferences and Seminars held in Singapore

CME points will only be awarded for events that are organised primarily for doctors.  No CME points will be awarded to doctors who participate in events organised primarily for non-doctors, eg, medical students, nurses and the public.

Pharmaceutical / Commercial Companies

All events organised solely by pharmaceutical / commercial companies will not be accredited unless the activities are co-organised with CME providers such as hospitals, other healthcare institutions, and professional bodies such as the Academy of Medicine Singapore, the College of Family Physicians Singapore and the Singapore Medical Association.  Accreditation applications and attendance records can only be submitted electronically by the medical co-organiser (and not the pharmaceutical / commercial companies).

CME Points Not Reflected in Personal CME Report

Sometimes, a doctor’s personal CME report may not show all the CME points that he thought he had earned to date.  This could be due to one of the following reasons:

  • An event which the doctor had attended was not accredited by SMC.
  • The CME provider has not submitted the attendance records online.
  • The CME provider may have left out the doctor's MCR number while submitting the online attendance records.
  • The doctor had forgotten to sign the attendance record or had submitted an invalid MCR number.

Doctors should contact the CME providers directly for clarification.  For accredited events, the CME providers' contact details are available on the CME Event Calendar.