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Fact Sheet for Doctors Residing Overseas

Fact Sheet for Doctors Residing Overseas

This document is for doctors who are residing overseas, and provides information on:

1)    continuing medical education (CME);

2)    practising certificate (PC) – related matters;

3)    removal of name from SMC’s register(s);

4)    restoration of name to SMC’s register(s);

5)    update of personal particulars; and

6)    exemption from SMC’s elections.

1)     Continuing Medical Education (CME)

a)            Participation in CME

Doctors residing overseas must continue to participate actively in CME and fulfil the minimum CME requirements if they wish to apply for grant or renewal of practising certificate from SMC while overseas.

b)            Submission of CME claims while overseas

They can continue to submit claims for CME points via the SMC Online System The website also provides information such as pre-approved conferences, referred journals and distance-learning programmes that they can participate in while overseas.

To submit claims for attending hospital teaching sessions, they should provide a letter of verification from the Head of the Department that conducted the session, stating their attendance. They should fax the relevant documents to us at (65) 6258 2134 or email them to   

2)     Practising Certificate (PC)

a)            Renewal of PC upon expiry

Doctors who wish to keep their names on the active register may refer to the information on Renewal of PC.

b)            Application for new PC (as PC has expired)

Doctors who intend to apply for a new PC only when they return to practise in Singapore (thereby allowing their PC to expire) may refer to the information on Application for new PC.

3)     Removal of Name from SMC’s Register(s)

Please refer to the information on Removal of name from SMC's register(s).

4)     Restoration of Name to SMC’s Register(s)

Please refer to the information on Restoration of name to SMC's register(s).

5)     Update of Personal Particulars

Please note that, pursuant to Section 19(4) of the Medical Registration Act 1997, all doctors are required to update the Medical Council of any change(s) in their names, residential address and/or practice address within 28 days of such a change.

Any doctor who contravenes Section (19)(4)(a) of the Medical Registration Act 1997 shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $1000.

Nevertheless, if the doctor makes a report of a change in his / her residential address under Section 8 of the National Registration Act (Cap 201), he / she shall be deemed to have complied with Section (19)(4)(a) on the date on which he / she makes the report.

6)     Exemption from SMC’s Elections

It is compulsory for all fully registered doctors residing in Singapore to vote in the event of an election conducted by the SMC.  A penalty will be imposed on the doctor if he / she fails to vote at the election without a valid reason.

The following documents, together with their preferred mailing address, must be submitted to SMC to be considered for exemption from elections:

Ø  Documentary evidence of working or studying overseas for a period of time (e.g. letter of appointment / employment contract, letter of acceptance into overseas institution and / or letter of verification issued by the overseas institution).

Ø  Documentary evidence of absence from Singapore during the SMC’s elections period (e.g. photocopies of relevant indicative pages in the passport, e-tickets and / or aircraft boarding pass).

Contact the SMC Secretariat[1]

For further assistance, please email us at



[1] Disclaimer: Please note that this information is correct at the time of printing. The registered medical practitioner is advised to visit the SINGAPORE MEDICAL COUNCIL’s website for the latest policy updates.