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Registration Application Fees and other fees

Please refer to the Fees Schedule Table below for fee payable. The application fee is non-refundable once an application for registration has been successfully submitted in the Professional Registration System.

Fees Schedule Table

Fees (Type) Payable to the Singapore Medical Council Fees payable w.e.f. 1st Apr 2018 (In Singapore Dollars)
Application Fee For Medical Registration  
Full Registration $300
Conditional Registration
Temporary Registration*
*includes application for change of practice place &/or additional practice place
Renewal of Temporary Registration $300
Provisional Registration
Register of Specialists:  
Specialist Registration $500
Amendment to the Register of Specialists $100
Register of Family Physicians:  
Family Physician Registration (foreign) $500
Family Physician Registration (any other case) $200
Amendment to the Register of Family Physicians $100
Application for practising certificate (PC) under s. 36(1) of the Act:  
PC for Full Registration, Conditional Registration, Provisional registration or Temporary registration.
$450 per year or part of a year

PC for Fully Registered Doctors in Reduced Practice (Lower-fee PC)1

1Criteria for lower-fee PC : Doctor must be in reduced practice, i.e. he/she can only write prescriptions for himself/herself, spouse, child, adopted child, stepchild, grandchild, sibling, parent, step-parent and grandparent

$150 per year or part of a year
Late application fee for renewal of Practising certificate under s. 36 (5) of the Act
(applies to Full & Conditional registration only)
Other Fee Type:  
Include an Additional Qualification to the Register of Medical Practitioners $100 per
Certificate of Professional Status (COPS)
(formerly known as Certificate of Good Standing or CGS)
Appeal for medical registration $100
Replacement of a certificate of registration or a practising certificate due to loss, damage, defacement or change of information in certificate $80
Transcript of inquiry and copies of documents tendered at inquiry under regulation 43 $20 per page
Certified copy of certificate of registration or practising certificate $80

Application for Restoration under regulation 65 to any register under the MRA

Name removed due to non-renewal of PC for a continuous period of 2 years - s. 31(f) of the MRA $1000
Name removed by order of Disciplinary Committee - s. 56 of the MRA $1000
Name removed by order of Health Committee - s.59 of the MRA $1000
Name removed from Register of Specialists $100
Name removed from Register of Family Physicians $100
Administrative Fees:  
Request for mails to be sent by registered mail to requesting party $10 per letter
Sale of any SMC's publication $10 per copy