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Certificate of Professional Status (COPS)

The Singapore Medical Council (SMC) has replaced the “Certificate of Good Standing” with the “Certificate of Professional Status” (COPS). The COPS will reflect the basic information on the doctor’s registration status with the SMC, and any other information related to the doctor’s performance, including any action that has been taken against the doctor by the SMC.

The COPS is an official certification issued by the SMC, and will only be transmitted directly between SMC and the overseas medical licensing authority. It is sent to overseas medical licensing authorities for the purpose of registration to practise medicine in the overseas jurisdiction only. The COPS will not be sent to applicants.

The COPS is not meant for commercial activity (e.g. to certify that the doctor is in good standing for his/her application for public listing of his/her company) or application for APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) issued by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority, Singapore. 

A prescribed non-refundable fee of $80 is payable to the SMC for an application for the COPS. The mode of payment is via credit card. 

If the requesting overseas medical licensing authority requires the SMC to complete a prescribed form, please ensure that you have completed all the relevant sections and signed on the form before uploading the form to submit with the application.

Upon submission of all the required documentation, the SMC will review each application based on its merits. The average processing time for an application is 14 working days, and longer for more complex applications.

The SMC will issue the COPS to the overseas medical licensing authority directly via email.

To proceed with the application for COPS, please login to SMC’s Professional Registration System.