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Submission of Attendance Records

Doctors’ attendance must be recorded at the beginning of each and every session. The hard copy of the attendance list should bear the participants’ names, MCR numbers and signatures. For events that are conducted online, the attendance list should contain the participants’ names and MCR numbers. CME providers are advised to submit the doctors’ attendance electronically within 20 days after the CME event, by entering the MCR numbers of the participants (Cat 1A & Cat 1B) and speakers (Cat 1B).  Click here to submit electronically.

Note:  CME providers may only submit attendance for doctors who are fully and conditionally registered. Doctors who are provisionally or temporary registered, who wish to track their CME participations will need to track it manually via a log book or they may download the pdf form  “CME Record Form for Temporary-Registered Doctors” at SMC’s website..

CME providers are advised to keep these hard copies for a minimum period of 2 years for audit purposes.