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Self-study and Online Programmes



Cap (2-Yr PC)

Cap (1-Yr PC)

3A Self-study (e.g. reading of refereed journals listed in PubMed, MOH Clinical Practice Guidelines or MOH ACE Clinical Guidances (ACGs)) 10 5
3B Accredited distance-learning programmes with verifiable self-assessment (e.g. Medscape) 36 18
All CME activities related to aesthetic practice 5 points per year. This Cap does not apply to dermatologists and plastic surgeons

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Category 3A (Self-study)

Credit Points Awarded
Submitted by

- Reading of papers from  Refereed Journals / MOH Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) / MOH ACE Clinical Guidances (ACGs) / Medscape (without assessment)

- Self-study from Audio-Visual Media

- Online Education Programmes without self-assessment or non-verifiable self-assessment

1 CME point per paper / MOH CPG / MOH ACG / module Medical Practitioner

CME points will be awarded to doctors who submit claims for reading papers from Refereed Journals which are recommended by the Council or those listed in PubMed.  Doctors can also submit CME claims for reading MOH's CPGs or MOH ACE Clinical Guidances (ACGs).  These papers must not be published more than 2 years prior to making the CME claims.

All claims for reading articles from other publications, e.g. newsletters, magazines and non-refereed journals etc, will be rejected.

Examples are:

a) Organon's Magazine on Women's Health;
b) Medical Digest;
c) Medical Grapevine;
d) Casebook (by Medical Protection Society);
e) Medical Tribune and
f) Epidemiological News Bulletin.

Please refer to the List of Accredited Journals [PDF, 493KB].

Category 3B (Distance Learning - Verifiable Self Assessment)

Credit Points Awarded
Submitted by

Distance learning through interactive structured approved CME programmes

- Local DLPs (AMS, CFPS, SMA)

- Medscape learning courses
  (with verifiable assessment)

- Overseas DLPs accredited by ACCME

- Others (Subject to approval)

1 CME point per module or as recommended by AMS / CFPS/ SMA and Council

Local DLPs: AMS / CFPS / SMA

Others: Medical Practitioner

Category 3B activities are distance-learning programmes with verifiable self-assessment. A copy of the assessment scores / results must be submitted to the Secretariat for processing.

Doctors can participate in local DLPs conducted by the Academy of Medicine, the College of Family Physicians and the Singapore Medical Association. CME points for local DLPs will be submitted by the Professional Bodies.

There are also overseas DLPs (eg: Medscape), recognised by the ACCME, which doctors can participate and claim for CME points.

Please refer to the List of Accredited Journals [PDF, 493KB].