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Pro-ration of CME Points

Proration of CME points may be applicable for doctors who:

a) Are newly registered
b) Have a change of appointment

Pro-ration of points will not be applicable for cases such as absence due to maternity leave, HMDP, hospitalisation leave, no-pay leave (NPL), etc.

Newly Registered Doctors

Doctors who are newly registered at any point of time will have their CME point requirements pro-rated for the first CME qualifying period. The number of CME points that a doctor is required to fulfil after pro-ration will depend on the date of issue of his/her practising certificate (PC).

For example, newly-registered doctors who are issued with 2-year PCs in May 2023 will only be required to fulfil 42 CME points (20/24 months x 50 points) before they can renew their 2-year PCs which will expire in Dec 2024. The months of January 2023 to April 2023 will not be considered. Of these 42 CME points, 8 points shall be core points (20% of 42 points) unless they are exempted from the core point requirements.

Doctors with changes in appointment or in fields of practice

Doctors are advised to update the SMC Secretariat immediately of any changes to their appointment or field of practice, as this could affect the calculation of their core CME point requirements. The number of core CME points required to fulfil after pro-ration will depend on the effective date of change in appointment.