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Overseas Postgraduate Degrees / Diplomas



Cap (2-Yr PC)

Cap (1-Yr PC)

1C Overseas Postgraduate Degrees / Diplomas 50 25
All CME activities related to aesthetic practice 5 points per year save for registered specialists in dermatology and plastic surgery

Category 1C (Overseas Postgraduate Degrees / Diplomas)


Credit Points Awarded

Submitted by

Participant 1 CME point per course hour, subject to a cap of 50 CME points. Medical Practitioner

Doctors can claim CME points for attending overseas postgraduate degree / diploma courses which are recognised by SMC.  Please attach the postgraduate certificate, the course details, information on the number of course hours attended and if the course is held in classroom or conducted entirely online.  1 CME point will be awarded per course hour, subject to a cap of 50 points. Postgraduate programmes that are conducted entirely online should be submitted under Category 3B with a cap of 36 points.