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Category Description Cap (2-Yr PC) Cap (1-Yr PC)
2 Publication / Editorial Work / Presentation of Original Paper or Poster 40 20
All CME activities related to aesthetic practice 5 points per year save for registered specialists in dermatology and plastic surgery
Criteria Credit Points Awarded Submitted by

Authorship of original paper in Refereed Journals / MOH Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) / Medical Textbook

- Main Author


- Subsidiary Author



5 CME points per paper / MOH CPG / textbook chapter


2 CME points per paper / MOH CPG / textbook chapter

Medical Practitioner
Authorship of modules for
Online Education or Distance-Learning Programmes (DLP)
2 CME points per module

Editorial Work / Reviewer for Refereed Journals and Medical Textbooks

- Chief Editor

- Subsidiary Editor

- Reviewer


CME points per journal / textbook

2 CME points per journal / textbook

2 CME points per journal / textbook

Presentation of Original Paper / Poster (regardless of duration)  2 CME points per paper / poster

Doctors can claim CME points for being the main / subsidiary author, chief / subsidiary editor, reviewer or presenter for the above CME activities.  These publications must not be published more than 2 years prior to making the CME claims.

Please note that claims for the authorship / reviewing of articles in newsletters, magazines and non-refereed journals / publications will be rejected.  Examples of such publications are:

a) Organon's Magazine on Women's Health;
b) Medical Digest;
c) Medical Grapevine;
d) SMA News.

Please refer to the List of Accredited Journals. [PDF, 493KB]