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Application for Accreditation of Local Events

CME points are awarded based on the type, title and duration of the event, target audience, speakers and the topics presented or discussed at the event. Please attach the programme details, synopsis/abstract of topic(s), Curriculum Vitae (CV) of speaker(s) in the online application. SMC may request for additional information such as programme details, if the information provided in the application is ambiguous.

Applications for Accreditation of events are to be submitted via the online system. Please log in here.

Upon successful submission of an accreditation application, an acknowledgement message will be displayed on your computer screen. You will also receive an email notifying you of the receipt of the application. Please use the event ID assigned to your application as a reference number for any enquiries with the SMC. You will be notified via email when the application is approved or rejected by the SMC. The approved event will then be posted on SMC’s CME Event Calendar, located as one of the main tabs at the top of the webpage.

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Category 1A CME Events

Description Criteria/Duration Credit Points Awarded

Pre-Approved Established Programmes:

- Hospital-Wide Grand Ward Rounds

- Teaching / Tutorial Session

Participant: 1 to < 2 hours 1 CME point (maximum of 1 CME point per day)
Lecturer 1 CME point per session
Structured Training Programmes such as courses conducted by DGMS,  AMS & CFPS (e.g GDFM, MMed FM) Lecturer 2 CME points per session

Ward rounds held primarily as part of routine clinical service work will not be accredited for CME points.  Only rounds such as hospital conferences or seminars will be accredited. In addition, these activities must be pre-dominantly educational in nature, with little or no service components involved. They must also be structured and pre-planned, and of at least an hour in duration.

Cat 1A providers should organise at least 12 events per year and there should be an average of 15 doctors attending per event. An exception may be made for smaller departments on a case by case basis. 

Application for CME Event Accreditation
CME Providers of Cat 1A activities need to apply to SMC for in-principle accreditation by November / December of the year preceding the event. The accreditation status is renewable yearly. Please indicate the previous year’s approved Event ID under “Previous Event ID/Title” field to facilitate review.
FM Accreditation
The SMC and College of Family Physicians Singapore (CFPS) recognise only Family Medicine Approved Training Centres (FM ATCs) to conduct FM core CME programmes. For more information on FM ATCs, please refer to

Category 1B CME Events

Description Criteria/Duration Credit Points Awarded

Local Events:

- Scientific Meeting

- Conference

- Seminar

- Lecture

- Workshop

Participant: 1 to < 2 hours 1 CME point
Participant: 2 to 4 hours 2 CME point
Participant: 1 day 4 CME point
Participant: 1.5 days 6 CME point
Participant: 2 days 8 CME point
Participant: 2.5 days 10 CME point
Participant: 3 days or more 12 CME point
Speaker 2 CME points per session
Application for CME Event Accreditation

CME Providers of Cat 1B event should organise at least 4 events per year with an average of 15 doctors attending each event and the provider should apply for accreditation at least 4 weeks before the event date, to allow sufficient time to process the application, and for approved events to be posted on the SMC's CME Event Calendar.

The Event Title and Speakers’ Topics have to be accurately entered.  The accreditation process will be lengthened if applications contain vague or ambiguous information (e.g., topics such as “CME programme” or “CME Symposium”).  SMC may request for additional programme details or structure of an event, when necessary, to facilitate the accreditation process.

Please note that you are required to fill up details of an event (including the details of all speakers and their topics) in the application form by each session.  Each session should not be more than half a day as the maximum number of sessions per day is capped at 2.  You may segregate morning from afternoon sessions.  CME points and core points will then be assigned by each session.  For non-core applications, you may select “others” for Event Specialty and Target Audience fields.

For  a guide of the recommended number of sessions to submit in an application, please refer to Q5 of the FAQs under "Continuing Professional/Medical Education – For CME Providers".

Note:  Applications for accreditation received after the event date will be rejected.  CME Providers who repeatedly fail to either apply for accreditation before the event date or capture/ submit the attendance records will be blacklisted.

FM Accreditation

In addition to submitting an online application for accreditation via SMC’s website, CME Providers who are seeking Family Medicine (FM) accreditation for events targeted at Family Physicians have to complete an additional CAT 1B form which is to be sent to the College of Family Physicians Singapore (CFPS) to have their event assessed for FM points. The CAT 1B form and the email addresses of the appointed FM CME Advisors and procedures for submitting further details to the CFPS are available on the CFPS website at

FM accreditation for events is required for all online applications with “Family Physicians” chosen as the Target Audience and/or “Family Medicine” selected as the Event Specialty. These applications will not be processed until the additional CAT 1B form is received by CFPS.

CME providers who are not applying for FM accreditation are advised to choose “Others” as the Target Audience first before selecting the relevant profession (e.g. Doctors or General Practitioners or Family Physicians) and they should also exclude “Family Medicine” in the Event Specialty selection.


Pharmaceutical / Commercial Companies

All events organised solely by pharmaceutical / commercial companies will not be accredited.  To qualify for accreditation, the activities must be co-organised with CME providers such as hospitals, other healthcare institutions, and professional bodies such as the Academy of Medicine Singapore, the College of Family Physicians Singapore and the Singapore Medical Association.  Accreditation applications and attendance records can only be submitted electronically by the medical co-organiser (and not the pharmaceutical / commercial companies).