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Restoration of Name to SMC’s Register(s)

Doctors whose names have been removed from SMC’s Register(s) must apply for their names to be restored to SMC’s Register of Medical Practitioners at a prescribed restoration fee, before the doctor can practise in Singapore again.

Should the doctor wish to practise as a specialist or family physician in Singapore after his/her name is restored to the Register of Medical Practitioners, he/she must apply for accreditation by the Specialists Accreditation Board (SAB) or the Family Physicians Accreditation Board (FPAB) and be registered as a Specialist or Family Physician with SMC before he / she is allowed to do so.

Online Application 

The application must be submitted online at Login for Doctors & Providers. After you have logged in, please read the important instructions thoroughly before proceeding with the application.

In the event that the application for restoration is approved, the doctor may apply for a new practising certificate (PC). 

Satisfaction of the criteria for restoration per se does not mean automatic approval for restoration. Each application for restoration will be considered on its own merits.

Processing Time 

The average time required for processing a straightforward application is about 4 weeks. Longer processing time (i.e. 8 weeks) is expected if SMC requires additional supporting documentation (e.g. Certificate of Good Standing to be sent to SMC from overseas medical authority) from the doctors or during peak periods.

The clock for processing will only start if the application and all documents submitted are considered in order by SMC. Incomplete applications will not be clocked and will be considered as withdrawn.