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download Please click on one of the links below for downloading of forms:

Forms for the Nurses

Form Description
GIRO Termination Form [PDF, 127KB]
Use this form if you want to terminate your GIRO scheme for renewal of Practising Certificate.
Application for Transcript of Nursing Education (SON) Form [PDF, 143KB]
Use this form if you are a local graduate from School of Nursing (SON) and want to request for Nursing Transcript.
Curriculum Vitae Form [DOCX, 46KB] Use this form as a supporting document when applying for APN Certification.
Proposed APN Scope Form [DOCX, 30KB] Use this form as a supporting document when applying for APN Certification.

Forms relating to Course Accreditation

Form Description

Application for Accreditation & Re-accreditation of Nursing Programs Forms

• Academic Nursing Programme [DOC, 285KB]
• Short Nursing Course [DOC, 279KB]

Use the relevant form to apply for accreditation of the course you are organising

Accreditation Self-Study Reports

• Pre-Enrolment Nursing Programme [DOC, 412KB]
Pre-Registration Nursing Programme [DOC, 415KB]
Post-Registration Nursing Programme (Clinical Specialty) [DOC, 401KB]
Post-Registration Degree [DOC, 381KB]
• Advanced Practice Nurse Programme [DOC, 374KB]

Use the relevant form to ensure curriculum meets SNB’s Standards for Nursing Education
SNB Curriculum Vitae (CV) Format [DOC, 47KB] Use this form when submitting curriculum for accreditation/re-accreditation.
Special Report Form [DOC, 52KB] Use this form for Educational Institutions' annual report on their Programme Status for the year.

Annual Report Forms

Pre-Enrolment/Registration (PET) [DOC, 67KB]
Continuing Education & Training (CET) [DOC, 72KB]
Post-Registration Degree [DOC, 87KB]
Master of Nursing (MN) [DOC, 98KB] 
Use the relevant form to Provide a Summary of the Programme Status for the year.

Forms for HR Officers

Form Description

Application for creation of HR login account

HR Login Application Form

Use the relevant form to apply for new HR login account.
SNB Application Form (v12) Form for Application for Registration/ Enrolment for completion by Applicants. HRs may print this for Applicants’ completion before submission of their online applications.
Current version = v12 (as at 19 July 2023)
Declaration of Past Employment Self-declaration of Applicant’s past and current employment. Applicants to complete these information for HR’s submission as part of supporting documents for their Application for Registration/ Enrolment.
Current version = v1 (revised on 15 Aug 2023)