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Checking the Status of your Application

Once you have submitted the application for PC renewal, you may check the status of that application via "Enquire Application" upon login. You may check the "Application Status" or print the receipt when available. Nurses/Midwives may see the following application status for their PC Renewal applications:

  Application Status Action Required by Nurse/Midwife

Pending Processing

No action required.


Pending Fee Settlement

No action required.


Pending Collection

No action required. SNB will send your PC to your preferred mailing address in late December. Please ensure that you have updated your preferred mailing address and that your mailing address is correct and updated.


Pending outstanding fees

This means that there are still some fees owing to SNB; such as failed GIRO deduction. You need to login again to retrieve that application and pay the outstanding fee. Otherwise the PC renewal application is not considered as successful and your PC will not be renewed.



All processing completed. You may print receipt, if required.



An email will be sent to you. You may like to enquire with SNB on the reasons for the rejection if this is not already communicated to you.



Application closed