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Additional Qualifications

Nurses and Midwives who have completed an academic programme and have obtained formal qualifications in nursing/midwifery (such as Advanced/Specialist Diploma, Post-graduate Diploma, Bachelor, Master of Nursing) can submit an application online for “Additional Qualifications”.

Please note that for graduates with Diploma/Advanced Diploma in Nursing (Midwifery or Mental Health), you will need to submit an application online for registration as Registered Midwife or Registered Nurse (Psychiatric) respectively. Do not submit an application online for AQ. Please refer here for more information on application for registration.

How to apply for Additional Qualifications

  1. Login from SNB’s website at via Singpass or using your Nurse Registration / Enrolment Number and Password. Please note that Password is case-sensitive. For login information using Nurse Registration / Enrolment Number, please refer here [PDF, 429KB].

  2. Upon successful login, select “Application” from left hand menu and click on “Additional Qualifications”.

  3. An application for Additional Qualifications will be launched. Complete all required information.
    Note: Fields marked with * are mandatory.

  4. Documents required:

    Original color-copy of your
    a) Educational transcript/s and
    b) Graduation certificate.

    i) Documents that are not in English must be accompanied by an accurate translation in English and certified by Justice of Peace, Notary Public from their country of origin.

    ii) Documents certified as ”true copies":

    ♦ Must be initialled on every page of the document by the authorized officer (Justice of Peace,  Notary Public or your employer, unless otherwise stated)

     Must include the name of authorized officer (full name), signature, date of certification and institution’s stamp/seal and the notarization must be made in English.

    iii) Photocopies of previously certified documents will not be accepted.

    iv) Copies which are not acceptable to SNB will be rejected and this will result in the delay of your application.

  5. Please submit one online application for each qualification. We will assess each application individually and once approved, your records will be updated and you will be informed via email.