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Local Graduates

Fitness to Practice Advisory

The attached guidelines for nursing students considering enrolment into nursing programmes are applicable for nursing graduates applying for registration/ enrolment with SNB. This is to ensure Registered Nurses/ Enrolled Nurses are fit to practise.


An applicant who wishes to apply for registration/enrolment is required to have successfully completed one of the following SNB-accredited Pre-registration/Pre-enrolment Nursing Programmes conducted in Singapore.

a) Graduates of the following programme(s) are eligible to apply for registration with SNB as Registered Nurses (RNs):

Qualification Education Institution
Bachelor of Science (Nursing) National University of Singapore
Diploma in Nursing Nanyang Polytechnic
Diploma in Health Sciences (Nursing) Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Diploma in Nursing Parkway College of Nursing and Allied Health

b) Graduates of the following programme(s) are eligible to apply for enrolment with SNB as Enrolled Nurses (ENs):

Qualification Education Institution
NITEC in Nursing ITE College East

c) Graduates of the following programme(s) are eligible to apply for registration with SNB as Registered Midwives (RMWs):

Qualification Education Institution
Advanced Diploma in Nursing (Midwifery) Nanyang Polytechnic

d) Graduates of the following programme(s) are eligible to apply for registration with SNB as Registered Nurse (Psychiatric) (RNPs):

Qualification Education Institution
Advanced Diploma in Nursing (Mental Health) Nanyang Polytechnic


Please ensure that you have read and understood all instructions before you start applying, including the mandatory documents to submit.  There are some documents which are mandatory for your application but which you may not be prompted by the system to submit.  If you fail to submit these documents, your application may be delayed.  

For further clarifications or enquiries, please email to, with the subject heading <Application for Registration/Enrolment>.

It is important that you apply for registration/enrolment within five years of completing your nursing programme; otherwise you will have to attend a Return-to-Nursing Programme before you can be considered for registration/enrolment.

Graduates who apply for registration/ enrolment from the 4th year of completing the nursing programme are required to pass a 6 months Competency Assessment (CA) with an employer (in inpatient settings such as hospital, community hospital or nursing home) first. This CA must be completed before 5th year of completing the nursing programme.

Application must be submitted online either:

a) by yourself where payment must be made by:

  • eNETS Credit/Debit Card
    • Acceptable Credit Cards (VISA and MasterCard ONLY) (Note:  American Express (Amex), Diners Club and JCB Credit Cards are NOT accepted.)
    • Acceptable Debit Cards (Visa Electron Debit Cards and MasterCard ONLY)
  • eNETS Internet Banking
    • Participating Banks (DBS, POSB, UOB, OCBC, Citibank ONLY)

This is only applicable to applicants who are Singpass eligible. For more information, please visit Singpass's website

Instructions on how to apply for registration/enrolment are available here [PDF, 2572KB]. Please ensure that you understand all the instructions before proceeding to Pre-application to commence your application.

b) through your employer (your employer will advise you on the application process)

All documents submitted to SNB for application for registration/enrolment will be kept by SNB as documentary proof and are not returnable. Any request for copies will not be entertained.

Documents required for Registration/Enrolment

a) NRIC or Passport and Student Pass

1. A passport size photograph [PDF, 10KB]

2. Certified true copy of original documents, to be submitted in support of your application are:

a) NRIC (front and back) or Passport (biometric page) and Student Pass(front and back)

b) Official Transcript of nursing education with evidence of completion of an SNB-accredited programme listed above

c) Graduation Certificate/ Training certificate(s) when available (otherwise to submit after graduation)

(i)  Documents certified as “true copies” of the original and bear the stamp “Certified as true copy of the original”

- Must be initialled on every page of the document by the authorized officer (Justice of Peace, Notary Public, school where you obtained your nursing qualification or your employer, unless otherwise stated)

- Must include the name of authorized officer (full name), signature, date of certification and healthcare institution stamp

(ii) Photocopies of previously certified documents will not be accepted.

(iii) Copies which are not acceptable to SNB will delay your application

Applicable Fees

The following SNB Fees are applicable :

a) Application Fee for Registration/Enrolment (to be paid upon online application)

b) Registration/Enrolment Fee (to be paid upon approval)

c) Application for Practising Certificate Fee (to be paid upon approval)

Outcome of Application

Generally, you will receive your Practising Certificate (PC) on the day that you are registered. However, there may be instances where you may be

a) asked to undergo health/physical examination (at your own expense) to ascertain your fitness to practise; and/or

b) required to undergo a competency assessment; and/or

c) placed on provisional registration; and/or

d) allowed to practice with conditions imposed as deemed appropriate by SNB

SNB will inform your outcome accordingly by email. You will be required to make an appointment for registration/enrolment upon receiving the email notification of your application outcome.

It is an offence to practise nursing/midwifery without a valid practising certificate.
[ Nurses and Midwives Act (Chapter 209) Section 26 (1) ]

Practising Certificate (PC) Renewal

PC must be renewed yearly. Information on the renewal of your PC will be sent to your email (registered with SNB) by end August of each year. For more details about informing SNB of changes in your particulars and residential address, please click on Update Particulars.