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Renewal of APN Practising Certificate

It is an offence to practise as an APN beyond the expiry date of the APN Practising Certificate.

calendar To renew the Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) Practising Certificate (PC), APNs must fulfil the following requirements to demonstrate that they have maintained their competency:

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a) Clinical Practice Hours Requirement

You must achieve a minimum number of clinical practice hours as listed below; and

Renewal for Year Post-certification Year 1 Post-certification Year 2 Post-certification Year 3
Post-certification Year 4 & onwards
Minimum Number of Clinical Practice Hours 1,040 hours 800 hours 560 hours 320 hours

Please write in to SNB to request for extension of practice for that year if you are unable to fulfil the above clinical practice hours within the said period due to study, family and other valid commitments (subject to the Head of Department and Director of Nursing’s approval).

b) Continuing Professional Education Requirement

You must achieve 30 (CPE) points in every Qualifying Period (QP), i.e. 01 September of the current year to 31 August of the following year, of which:

a) Not more than 15 points from Category I (in-service programs) should be included; and

b) The remaining CPE points should fall under Categories II to V (Please refer to CPE Award Criteria [PDF, 101KB] for detail); and

c) At least 15 CPE points should be related to advanced practice nursing and/or the clinical specialty relevant to you.

APNs must renew their RN PC and APN PC together.  The SNB Fee for Application/Renewal for Practising Certificate is applicable.  (Refer to Renewal of Practising Certificate(s) for more on renewing your RN PC).

For PC renewal, you must Login to submit online by 30 November

Information on the renewal of PC will be emailed to you and other relevant information in late August of each year.