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Employment/ Re-employment

Employer HRs may employ/ re-employ Nurses on General Registration/ Enrolment who have left Singapore for a period of time.

Employer HRs are required to sight all original documents provided by these nurses before submitting copies of their original documents to SNB to make a request to employ/ re-employ them. Documents required are:

1) Cover Letter addressed to SNB from employing institution to state:
    a) the intention to employ the applicant, 
    b) the position offered (e.g. Staff Nurse/ Enrolled Nurse) 
    c) Principal Place of Practice (PoP) where the applicant will be deployed to 

2) Identification document(s):
    a) NRIC or Foreign Passport (whichever is applicable)
    b) Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) renunciation letter / Cancellation Letter (if applicable)
    c) Work Pass (if applicable) 

3) If you have returned to Singapore after practising nursing/midwifery in another country, you are required to provide:

    a) Evidence of past employment (employer HR will provide more information on how to submit this)

    b) Verification of nursing registration from the nursing registration authority in the country of practice.


    c) Service Gap Letter written by the nurse addressed to SNB to explain the period from the date you left employment in Singapore till present.

4) If you did not practise nursing in another country and have left for 4 years or more, you are required to provide Verification of nursing registration from the nursing registration authority in the country of practice.

    • This is to verify that you are registered as a nurse/midwife in that country, and that no proceedings have been taken or are pending against you.

    • You are required to make the request with each nursing regulatory authority and the verification must be sent directly to SNB either:

      - By email directly to (preferred) via nursing regulatory authority’s official email.  The sender needs to include full name and designation. Documents must be sent via the institution’s official email account. Non-official email accounts such as gmail, Yahoo mail, etc. will not be accepted.


     - via mail to SNB Operating Office, addressed to Registrar, Singapore Nursing Board.

5) Renewal of Practising Certificate (PC) will be required upon approval before you can start to practise nursing in Singapore.