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Accreditation of Nursing Education Programmes


The Singapore Nursing Board (SNB) regulates the standards for the education and preparation of nurses, midwives and Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) to ensure that graduates are well prepared and competent. In addition to setting standards, the SNB accredits and monitors nursing and midwifery programmes conducted in Singapore.

The standards and criteria for accreditation are defined in the Standards for Nursing Education [PDF, 389KB], Standards for Advanced Practice Nurse Education [PDF, 444KB] and Standards for Clinical Nursing Education [PDF, 295KB] & APN Clinical Education [PDF, 258KB]

Application for Accreditation/Re-accreditation of Nursing/Midwifery Programmes

To apply for accreditation of nursing and midwifery programmes, please refer to Accreditation Process [PDF, 136KB] for details and note the Accreditation/Re-accreditation and Administrative Fees [PDF, 193KB].

Please use the Application for Accreditation of Nursing Programmes form and refer to the Guidelines for Application of Accreditation of Academic Nursing Programme [PDF, 141KB] (for new programme) and/or  Guidelines for Application of Re-accreditation of Academic Nursing Programme [PDF, 140KB] for the compilation of curriculum documents and submission to SNB.

In addition the following accreditation guidelines will apply:

An Accreditation Self-Study Report is available for applicant’s use and submission, it can be downloaded under “Forms”.

Monitoring of Accredited Programmes

For all accredited programmes, SNB will conduct regular site visits/audits of education institutions.

All educational institutions must submit an Annual Report which provides a summary of the programme status for the year.

Additionally, a Special Report is required when there are significant changes that may affect the continuing accreditation of the programme, such as changes in the lecturers, curriculum content and hours etc. It should be submitted at least 2 months prior to the date of implementation of these changes.

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