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Return-to-APN Practice

APNs who have left APN practice and/or do not have a valid APN practising certificate (PC) must seek Singapore Nursing Board (SNB)'s advice on their eligibility to return to APN practice.

Depending on period of non-practice, APNs may need to fulfil certain requirements, for example:

a)     Inactive practice and without a valid APN PC for <5 years will require a period of supervised practice (6 to 12 months) as well as other requirements.

b)    Inactive practice and without a valid APN PC for ≥ 5 years (and <10 years) will require a longer process to return to APN practice.

The APN should discuss his/her intended APN role & scope with prospective Chief Nurse/Director of Nursing and Collaborating Physician.

The APN is to complete the Request for Return to APN Practice Form  and email it to, together with any other additional relevant information (e.g. the APN job description) at least 2 months before returning to APN practice. SNB will assess the information provided and may request for more information or documents if required. Once there is an outcome, SNB will also advise on the renewal of APN PC accordingly.