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  1. The Singapore Medical Council (“SMC”) has appointed a Working Committee (“WC”) to undertake a review of the Ethical Code and Ethical Guidelines (“ECEG”) and the Handbook on Medical Ethics (“HME”). As it is approaching 5 years since the current edition was published in 2016, it is timely to update the ECEG and HME and provide guidance to the medical profession on emerging ethical challenges.


  2. The composition of the WC and its terms of reference can be found via this link [PDF, 152KB]. The WC will be taking into account the recommendations made by the Ministry of Health-appointed Workgroup to Review the Taking of Informed Consent and the SMC’s Disciplinary Process, which pertain to streamlining Guideline C6 of the ECEG on Consent into core, irreducible principles and revising the rest of the ECEG to focus on prescribing the principles to be adhered to. The review will also align the ECEG and HME sections on the standard of care in the provision of medical advice with the legislative amendments made to the Civil Law Bill.


  3. The WC would like to invite all registered medical practitioners to provide feedback on the ECEG and HME by 12 Jan 2021. The feedback form can be accessed by clicking this link.


  4. Your valued feedback will help reshape the ECEG and HME for all registered medical practitioners in Singapore in the years to come. 

Thank you.

Dr Wong Chiang Yin

Chairman, Working Committee for the review of the Ethical Code and Ethical Guidelines and Handbook on Medical Ethics

Singapore Medical Council