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1.         The SMC has recently refined the criteria for displayable additional qualifications (“AQs”).

2.         With immediate effect, pre-medical and non-medical qualifications will not be allowed for display by registered medical practitioners for the practice of medicine.  Further, the SMC has made amendments to the List of Displayable AQs (“List”) and the following AQs have been removed from the List.

Country of
Conferring Institution


Name/ Title of Displayable Additional Qualification



Bachelor of Medical Science, The University of Melbourne


Bachelor of Science in Medicine, Flinders University of South Australia



Bachelor of Medical Science, National University of Ireland

United Kingdom


Bachelor of Medical Science, University of Nottingham


Bachelor of Science (Medical Science) in Genetics, University of Glasgow


Bachelor of Science in Orthopaedic Science with Basic Medical Sciences, University of London


Bachelor of Science in Pathology with Basic Medical Sciences, University of London


Master of Arts, University of Cambridge

3.         Please find the latest List. [PDF, 26KB]

4.         The SMC would also like to remind all registered medical practitioners that only qualifications which are already entered in any of the SMC’s registers or in the List of Displayable AQs are allowed for display.