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1    The renewal of practising certificate (PC) of all Fully Registered optometrists and opticians with PC expiring 31 December 2017 starts from 01 October 2017. Please note that this is NOT applicable for optometrists/opticians who are on Temporary/ Conditional/ Provisional registration.

Note: From 2017 onwards, we will be not be sending hardcopy PC Renewal notice for the month of October. Reminder will be sent via email.  

2    To renew your PC, please login to the Professional Registration System (PRS) via the Board’s website. Application shall be accompanied by the following supporting document(s) and prescribed fee:

    a) 1 recent passport size photo (re-used photograph will be rejected);
    b) PC renewal fees for each category:






2 Years

Optician (Contact Lens Practitioner)


2 Years

Optician (Refraction and Dispensing)


2 Years

Optician (Dispensing)


2 Years

*For late or lapsed PC renewal, the validity period of PC issued will be less than 24 months (for a two-year PC), to coincide with the expiry date on 31 December.

3    You are reminded to renew your PC at least 30 days before your current PC expires. Otherwise, the following late charges will be imposed:


Late Fees

Application form received by the board with less than 30days before the expiry date of your current PC


Application form received by the board after the expiry date of your existing PC


Note: The PC fees payable are non-refundable and may be paid via debit or credit cards.

4    Please ensure that your personal particulars (including your email/ contact number/ address) and employment records with the Board are up-to-date.  Please refer to renewal of PC for more information.

If you are practicing and renewing your PC

5    Your new Qualifying Period (QP) for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) will start from  1 October 2017 to 30 September 2019, and the targeted CPE points for Opticians is 40 and for Optometrists, 50.  Please refer to the Board’s website for a copy of the CPE guidelines.

6    You are expected to participate in CPE to ensure that your optometry and opticianry knowledge and skills remain current and relevant, and to maintain a reasonable level of competence.  Failure to achieve the necessary CPE points as determined by the Board could amount to professional misconduct and make you liable for disciplinary action by the Board.

7    Upon successful processing of your application and payment, your PC and receipt for fees payment will be sent via registered mail to the mailing address indicated in your application for renewal. Please ensure that you have provided the correct mailing address in your application. 

If you are not practising

8    If you are currently not practicing optometry/opticianry or not working in a relevant practice, we will not be able to process your practicing certificate (PC) renewal.  This is because PC renewal requires information on your current optometry/opticianry practice. Please note that you do not need to fulfil the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirements if you are not practising and are no longer renewing your PC.

9    If you wish to return to practice subsequently, you may re-apply to renew your PC and furnish us with the required practice information.  Relevant fees will be levied for the PC renewal.  Renewal will also be subjected to prevailing conditions set by the Board, including satisfying all outstanding CPE requirements that you had not done so previously 

10   Please note that the Board may cancel your registration if you do not renew your PC for a continuous period of 5 years or have no address in Singapore where you can be reached.

Reminder on Unlawful Practice

11    Please also be reminded that under Section 25 of the Optometrists and Opticians Act, you shall NOT carry out any practice of Optometry or Opticianry unless you are a qualified person duly registered with the Board.

12     For further enquiries, please call the Board at 6355 2533 or write to the Board at