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For Supervisors

For On-Site Supervision

If you are providing on-site supervision to your supervisee, please conduct a regular progress assessment at the end of every 3 months based on the date of appointment to the Board for assessment using the supervisor’s report template provided to be submitted accordingly.

If the supervisee is registered at any time before 1 October 2020, as per stated on registration certificate, the supervisor’s reports shall be collated and submitted with the logbook and/ or the next application for registration by the supervisee (whichever applicable). 

In addition, it is still required to continue with the regular progress assessment after submission of logbook to ensure supervision of practice by supervisee. These reports are required to be included in subsequent application for full registration or in repeat logbook submission.

If the supervisee is registered from 1 October 2020 onwards, as per stated on registration certificate, each supervisor’s report shall be submitted to the Board by the supervisor via email at at the end of 3 months and within 2 weeks from the last date of the supervision period until such time that the supervisory appointment is terminated or supervisee obtained full registration. 

Supervisor Report Template [PDF, 170KB]opens in a new window

For Off-Site Supervision

If you were appointed as an off-site supervisor, you shall visit your supervisee at his/her workplace on a monthly basis using the supervisor’s report template and submit to the Board accordingly as per the requirements stated for on-site supervisor above. 

Supervisor Report Template [PDF, 170KB]

Termination of Supervision

If you would like to terminate the supervision of your supervisee, please email the Board at with your request as soon as possible.

Kindly provide the following details:

1. Subject heading - <Termination of Supervision for (Supervisee's name)>
2. Effective date of supervision - Indicate to the Board the date where you started supervising your supervisee.
3. Date of termination - Indicate to the Board the date where you will cease supervision.
4. Reason for termination - Explain to the Board in details, the reason of termination of your supervisee.

Kindly be reminded that you must signed off all the cases and complete all reports when he/she was still practising under your supervision.