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Expiry of Provisional/Temporary/Conditional Registration

Please be informed that Provisional/Temporary/Conditional Registration is non-renewable. Once the current registration expires, the practitioner must submit a new application for registration.

However, under the regulations, each provisional/ conditional/ temporary registration may be granted not exceeding two terms (i.e. 4 years).

Practitioners are advised to submit a new application for registration at least 30 days before the expiry of their current registration. Please refer to Registration as an Optometrist and Optician for more information.

Outcome of Application

The Board will take a minimum of three to four weeks to process your application upon payment received and complete documentations. Longer processing time is expected for further registration.

If your application is successful, the Board will schedule an appointment for you to complete the registration formalities. You will received an official letter/email from the Board.


If your current registration had expired while pending the approval of your submitted application, you must ceased optometry and opticianry practice immediately. Practising optometry/opticianry without a valid registration and practising certificate is an offence. Any breaches to the act would constitute to an offence and may have adverse implication to your application.