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Complaints & Disciplinary Proceedings

Any complaint against a registered optometrist/optician should be supported by a statutory declaration.

You can download the Statutory Declaration Form and Instructions [PDF, 42KB] here.

The complainant must state the full facts of his/her case and his/her allegations clearly in his/her statutory declaration.

The Board shall inform the optometrist/optician and the complainant of the outcome of their investigations when it is completed.

Making a SD

With effect from 1 February 2018, the Commissioner for Oaths (CFO) services at the Supreme Court will only be available for Supreme Court-related matters. Members of the public who require CFO services for non-Supreme Court related matter (such as to make a statutory declaration) can now approach private law firm for Commissioner for Oaths (CFO) services.

All CFOs charge a standard rate of $25 per statutory declaration.

You may wish to contact a Commissioner for Oaths under this directory of the Singapore Academy of Law for the service.

For further information on the replacement of Registration Certificate or Practising Certificate  and making a complaint against a registered practitioner, please refer to the follow:

1. Statutory Declaration (Registration Certificate or Practising Certificate)      
2. Statutory Declaration (Complaints)