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Complaints & Disciplinary Proceedings

Any complaint against a registered optometrist/optician should be supported by a Statutory Declaration (SD).

You can download the Information Sheet for Submitting a Complaint [PDF, 250KB] here.

The complainant must state the full facts of his/her case and his/her allegations clearly in his/her letter of complaint.

The Board shall inform the optometrist/optician and the complainant of the outcome of their investigations when it is completed.

Making a SD

With effect from 1 February 2018, the Commissioner for Oaths (CFO) services at the Supreme Court will only be available for Supreme Court-related matters. Members of the public who require CFO services for non-Supreme Court related matter (such as to make a statutory declaration) can now approach private law firm for Commissioner for Oaths (CFO) services.

All CFOs charge a standard rate of $25 per statutory declaration.

You may wish to contact a Commissioner for Oaths under this directory of the Singapore Academy of Law for the service.

For other information on the replacement of Registration Certificate or Practising Certificate, please refer to the follow:

1. Statutory Declaration (Registration Certificate or Practising Certificate)