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For CPE Providers

Eligibility for CPE Providers

Programme organisers from local institutions conducting accredited optometry/opticianry courses, local professional bodies and local Healthcare institutions (HCIs) licensed to provide eye-care may apply as CPE provider with OOB to provide activities under Category 1A.

Applicant must have an effective and supportive organizational structure, adequate financial resources and qualified personnel for the development and presentation of events.

Applicant must have an objective that is aligned with OOB’s goal to maintain good standard of optometry and opticianry practice.  

For more details on eligibility criteria and requirements, please refer to Guide for CPE Event Provider.

Application for Provider Account

  1. Applicant must be a locally registered company with a Corppass account. Please visit the for more details.
  2. Interested applicants shall download and complete the Provider Application Form and submit the application online.
  3. As part of the application, applicants shall apply for a login account at Professional Registration System (PRS). Once the application is approved, the applicant will be given a login account and a user ID and password will be issued.
  4. We would only process the application upon complete documentation.
  5. Successful applicant(s) will receive an official notification from OOB.

Guidelines and References for CPE Provider

  Types of Documents
1 Guide for CPE Event Providers [PDF, 835KB]
2 CPE Provider Application Form (Supplement) [DOCX, 128KB]opens in a new window
3 Event Accreditation Form (Form C1) [DOCX, 43KB]opens in a new window
4 Event Evaluation Form (Form C2) [PDF, 51KB]opens in a new window
CPE Attendance template [XLS, 31KB]opens in a new window