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Eligibility and Role of a Supervisor


During the period of provisional registration, all provisional registered practitioners are required to appoint a supervisor. The choice of supervisor must:

    a. Be a practitioner holding full registration (refer to Table 1);
    b. Practising on full-time basis;
    c. Possess a minimum of 3 years’ optometric working experience (inclusive of provisional practice); and
    d. Working at the same workplace as the supervisee (same company and same outlet).   

Table 1: Supervision allowed:

Supervisor (Full-registered) Supervisee
Optometrist May supervise the following temporary/conditional/provisional practitioner:  
i.      Optometrist
ii.     Optician (Refraction and Dispensing)
iii.    Optician (Dispensing)  

- Optician (Contact Lens Practitioner)

- Optician (Refraction &  Dispensing)

May only supervise the following temporary/conditional/provisional practitioner: 

i.     Optician (Refraction and Dispensing)
ii.    Optician (Dispensing) 

Optician (Dispensing)

May only supervise the following temporary/conditional/provisional practitioner: 

i.    Optician (Dispensing)

Supervisor's Role

The appointed supervisor is responsible for:

  1. Providing adequate supervision and guidance to the supervisee’s during the period of his/her provisional registration;

  2. Review supervisee’s cases logged under the Supervisory Framework;

  3. Ensuring that supervisee’s conduct and practice is befitting of the profession and adhere to Board’s “Code of Professional Conduct and Professional Practice Guidelines for Optometrists and Opticians”;

  4. Conducting a progress review with supervisee and complete the Supervisor’s Report on his/her performance once every 3 months. 

The appointed supervisor can only accept up to a maximum of 3 supervisees in total at any one time. In the event that the appointed supervisor is away from work for a period of more than a month (e.g. taking long leave), resigns or is unable to continue his/her supervisory duties, he/she shall be responsible to: 

  1. Appoint another covering supervisor;

  2. Inform the Board immediately of the changes in supervisor for the supervisees under his/her charge.

  3. Ensure that his/her supervisory duties is handed over to the newly appointed supervisor; and

  4. Supervisee should stop practising optometry/ opticianry immediately if the appointment of the new supervisor is not completed/ choice of supervisor is not approved. 

Appointed supervisor are expected to co-manage supervisee’s patients professionally as his/her own.