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Feedback / Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome your feedback. If you have questions or feedback on matters related to the registration and regulation of conduct of registered optometrists and opticians in Singapore, you may wish to refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below to see if your queries have already been addressed

Otherwise, please email your enquiry to:

Application for Registration

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Q1. What are the criteria for me to be registered as an Optometrists/Opticians in Singapore?

A1. The eligibility criteria to be considered for registration are:

1. Possess an approved opticianry or optometry qualification
2. Have a job offer as an optometrist or optician in Singapore
3. Hold valid work pass (for foreigner) and have appointed a supervisor
4. Be of good reputation and character.

Only applicant who holds recognised qualification by the Optometrists and Opticians Board (OOB) is eligible to apply.

Please note that the OOB does not conduct any examination for the purpose of registration.

Q2. How do I apply for registration?

A2. For new applicant (local/foreign graduate)

Please follow the steps below to submit your application:

  1. Click on “Registration” icon at
  2. Answer the question and click on “proceed” button
  3. For Singpass user, you are required to log in using your Singpass.
  4. For non-Singpass user, you are required to log in using the temporary User ID and password provided to continue submitting your application.

For existing applicant (applying for second term of registration/full registration)

You may submit your application through the Professional Registration System (PRS).

Documents Required

For the list of supporting documents required, please refer to the OOB website “Registration as an Optometrist and Optician”, “Application for registration”.

More details of “Application for Registration” are available at this link.

Q3. I have graduated from a foreign institution that was on OOB’s gazetted qualification list and I was granted full registration in the country of practice. Could I apply for full registration with OOB?

A3. If applicant has practised for more than a year in the country of practice and is holding a full registration with the respective issuing authority, he/she may apply for registration with the OOB.

Applicant may be granted Conditional registration if application is successful.

Q4. I am unable to submit my application/payment. What should I do?

A4. Please provide a print screen of the error message and email to We will advise you accordingly.

Q5. How can I get a receipt for the application fee that I have paid?

A5. The receipt is available for download in your PRS account under “enquire application” five working days after the payment is made.

Q6. I have forgotten my password, what should I do?

A6. For Temporary User or Non-Singpass User

If you have not logged in for more than 3 months, your account will be inactivated. You may click ‘reset password’ to request for a set of new password to be sent to you via email.

Please note that the account will be locked after five attempts. Contact us by email to for further assistance.

For Singpass User
If you have not logged in for more than 3 months, your account will be inactivated. You may do a “Reset Password” on Singpass portal to request for the new password to be generated to you. You may contact Singpass directly at

Q7. I am in my first term of provisional registration and my registration is expiring soon. What should I do if I have not received the outcome of my logbook assessment/did not submit logbook?

A7. Should you wish to continue your registration with the Board, you are required to submit a new application for registration and renew your Practising Certificate (PC) at least 30 days before your registration and PC expire.

If you have submitted the logbook and the outcome of the assessment could not be obtained 2 weeks before the expiry of your registration, you will need to apply for the second (and final) term of provisional registration.

Update Particulars

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Q1. After registration, how do I update my personal particulars?

A1. You could update your personal particulars (such as new work pass/ address/ contact number / email) by logging in to your PRS account:

a) Click on “Login” icon at
b) Select “Optometrist/Optician”
c) For Singpass user, click on “Login here with Singpass”, otherwise, click under “users unable to log in using Singpass”
d) Enter your Singpass ID/User ID and password.
e) Upon login, look for “Administration”, “Update Particulars” to update your details accordingly and then “Proceed/submit button”.

You would not be able to amend the residential address provided, hence, you need to submit an email to with a copy of your NRIC (for Singapore Citizens/Singapore PRs only) for us to update your latest address. For work pass holder, please email us your latest local address.

Q2. Do I need to update OOB if I have obtained a new work pass/ Singapore Permanent Resident or Citizenship status?

A2. Yes, you need to update OOB for any changes to your residential status. You may update by logging in using your Singpass.

However, if you have previously registered your status as a FIN holder (work permit/ work pass), you would not be able to log in using Singpass as the information does not tally. Therefore, you need to email a copy of your NRIC (front and back) to within 28 days of the change.  You will be notified once the details have been updated.

Q3. Do I need to update OOB if I have resigned or found a new practice place?

A3. Yes, you need to update OOB of your employment details within 28 days of the change.

Please follow the steps below:
1. Log in PRS using Singpass or User ID & Password
2. Upon login, you need to end your last employment. After which look for “Administration”, “Update Particulars”, and search for current employment details”. Update your last day of service.
3. You could then update your “New employment details” and “Principal place of practice”.
4. This applies to updates on “Secondary workplace” as well; first to end last employment and then add the new details.
5. If you are working part-time, you need to provide total hours per week.

Q4. Do I need to update if I only practise once a week at another practice place or doing volunteer work?

A4. As long as you are practising optometry or opticianry, you are required to update your additional practice place under “Secondary workplace”.

If you are assisting with local screenings at various locations, you may update OOB via email on the screening dates and locations.

Q5. Do I need to update OOB if I am working in other trade/ non-related fields?

A5. You are required to update your employment details within 28 days of the change.

If you have decided to cease practice totally, you may choose to return your registration certificate to OOB. Contact us by email to for further assistance.

Other Applications

Application for Additional Qualifications
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Q1. I have recently completed my Postgraduate Degree. Do I need to apply for additional qualification?

A1. If your postgraduate degree is in the OOB’s list of recognised qualifications and you wish to display this qualification in your registration certificate (RC) or search engine, you could apply to have the additional qualification (AQ) entered in the Register.

Please refer to step below for applying for AQ:
a. Log in PRS using Singpass/ User ID & password
b. Select “Application for AQ”
c. Upload a scanned copy (in pdf format) of your qualification certificate, programme details and qualification transcripts (if any)
d. Proceed to make payment
e. Submit your application

More details of Additional Qualification are available at this link.

Q2. How would I know if my AQ is approved?

A2. You will receive an email notification once your application is successful. You would need to submit your original certificates to OOB for verification.

Q3. Can I use the doctor salutation without applying for AQ?

A3. Any registered practitioner who has graduated with postgraduate degrees in relation to optometry/opticianry and wishes to use any title or designation relating to, or in connection with, the practice of optometry or opticianry, is required to apply for AQ.

More details on the ‘use of salutation’ are available at this link.

Q4. My AQ did not display on the search engine nor on my personal record, what should I do?

A4. Please contact us at

Certified True Copy of Registration or Practising Certificates
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Q5. When do I need to apply for a Certified True Copy (CTC)?

A5. If you have more than one practice place and wish to have an additional Registration Certificate (RC) for display, you could apply for a certified true copy of RC.

Q6. Can I make a copy of my Registration Certificate (RC)?

A6. No, you should not be making a copy of your RC and display at your practice place. You can only display the CTC issued and endorsed by OOB.

Q7. Do I need to collect my CTC in person?

A7. Once your application for CTC is successful, we will arrange for your CTC to be sent to you via registered mail to your preferred mailing address in our record.
Please ensure you have provided the correct address. You would need to collect in person if we have received the unclaimed mail.

Q8. Can I display the CTC in any optical shops which I will only practice optometry/opticianry whenever my services needed?

A8. You would only need to display your CTC if you are practicing optometry/opticianry at the prescribed practice place.

Application for Certificate of Good Standing
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Q9. How do I request for a Certificate of Good Standing?

A9. Please ensure that you are still holding a valid registration with the OOB before applying for a Certificate of Good Standing (CGS).

You may submit an application for a CGS by logging in to your PRS account:

a) Click on “Login” icon at;
b) Key in the full name of requesting authority and full address
c) Declare accordingly
d) Click ‘Registered Mail’ as all CGS will be mailed directly to the requesting authority
e) Proceed to make payment
f) Submit your application.

More details on CGS are available at this link.

Q10. I am residing and practising optometry/opticianry overseas now, how do I apply for a CGS?

A10. Refer to Q9 above.

If you are not holding a valid registration with OOB, we would not be able to issue any CGS. However, we could assist to issue a statement of registration to the requesting authority. Please provide email address of the requesting authority.

Q11. I can no longer access my PRS account as I do not have a Singpass.  How can I apply for a Certificate of Good Standing?

A11. Please scan and email a copy of your valid passport and work pass to Upon receipt of your documents, we will then reset your PRS password which will allow you to log in to your PRS account.

Q12. The requesting authority has not received my CGS, can you re-issue?

A12. Once we have sent the original CGS to the requesting authority, we would not be able to re-issue any new CGS. Hence, you would need to submit a fresh new application with the prescribed fee.

Replacement of Registration or Practising Certificates
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Q13. I have misplaced/defaced/lost my registration certificate (RC)/practising certificate (PC).  What should I do?

A13. For any misplace of RC/PC, you would need to download the statutory declaration form and contact the recommended Commissioner of Oath to verify and stamped your statutory declaration.

Please refer to steps below for applying of a duplicate RC/ PC via PRS:
a) Click on “Login” icon at;
b) Click on “Application” »  Reprint of RC/ PC
c) Upload a copy of duly signed and stamped statutory declaration (SD) by Commissioner of Oath
d) Proceed to make payment
e) Proceed to submit your application
f) Original SD to be surrendered to OOB

More details on replacement of RC/PC are available at this link.

Q14. Do I need to collect the new PC/RC in person?

A14. Yes, you need to collect your new RC/PC in person and at the same time, submit the original statutory declaration form.

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Q15. My name was removed from the Register. How do I apply to have my name restored to the Register?

A15. Application for restoration can be made online via the PRS. A restoration fee of $300 is applicable and can be paid via Credit/Debit Card (VISA or MasterCard only).

The application should include the following documents/ information upon application:
a. State the grounds on which the application is made;
b. Accompanied by at least 2 certificates certifying good reputation and character of the applicant, signed by a registered person, magistrate or Justice of the Peace;
c. A place of practice.

More details on restoration are available at this link.

Practising Certificate

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Q1. Do I need a practising certificate (PC) to practise optometry/opticianry in Singapore?  How can I apply for a PC?

A1. Yes, you will need a valid registration and a valid PC in order to practise optometry/opticianry in Singapore.

To apply for a new PC online, please log in to your PRS account:
a) Click on “Login” icon at
b) Select “Optometrist/Optician”
c) For Singpass user, click on “Login here with Singpass”.  Otherwise, click under “users unable to log in using Singpass”
d) Enter your Singpass ID/User ID and password.

Upon login, click on “PC Renewal/Application”, update your personal and employment particulars (if there are changes), respond to a list of declaration questions and complete the application with payment.

Documents required:
For local practitioners
a. Recent photograph (taken within the last 3 months), scanned and uploaded in JPEG format only.
For practitioners who return to practise in Singapore
a. Certificate of Good Standing from Issuing Authority of country of practice
b. Recent photograph (taken within the last 3 months), scan and upload in JPEG format only
c. Service Testimonial.

More details of “Renewal of PC” are available at this link.

Q2. My practising certificate is expiring soon.  Will it be renewed automatically?

A2. The renewal process is not automatic. All optometrists and opticians will need to log in to the PRS to apply for renewal of PC.  Please submit your PC renewal application at least one month before your PC expiry date as applications submitted in the month of December will incur a late application fee. 

Q3. Can I renew my PC without a practice place?

A3. Generally, you need to have a practice place to be able to renew your PC. If you are not practising, you may choose not to renew your PC.

Q4. Can I renew my PC if I did not fulfil my CPE requirement?

A4.You may proceed to apply for a renewal of PC. However, for non-fulfilment of CPE requirement, you will be subjected to disciplinary action set by the Board.

Q5. Do I need to collect my PC at OOB’s office?

A5. Once your application is successful, we will arrange for your PC to be sent to you via registered mail to your preferred mailing address in our record. Please ensure that you have provided the correct address. If the mail delivery is unsuccessful, you would need to collect your PC in person.

Some applicants may be required to collect their PC in person. We will contact the applicant for such cases.

Q6. How can I get a receipt for the payment of my renewal of PC?

A6. The receipt is available for download in your PRS account under “Enquire Application” after payment is received by OOB, which is usually five working days after successful submission of your PC renewal application.

Q7. I cannot proceed with my payment. What should I do?

A7. Please provide a print screen of the error message on PRS and email to and we will advise you accordingly.

Q8. I was previously fully registered with the OOB and will like to return to practise in Singapore.  How can I apply for a new PC if I do not have a Singpass?

A8. You would need to scan a copy of your valid work pass/ work permit and email to, Upon receipt of your work pass/permit, we will reset your PRS password which will allow you to log in to your account,

Q9. I have renewed my PC after my PC has expired. Why is the validity of my PC less than 2 years?

A9. All PC validity will end on 31 December of the calendar year. If your PC start date is not on 1 Jan, the validity period will be less than 2 years.

Supervisory Framework

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Q1. What is the Supervisory Framework?

A1. Supervisory Framework (the “framework”) is for provisionally registered optometrists and opticians (“P-reg”) with the objective of assisting them in the application and building on competencies gained during the course of professional education and training.

Under the framework, P-reg are required to work in a supervised practice and fulfil the prevailing requirements during the provisional registration period to be eligible for full registration and able to practise competently, safely and independently. 

Each P-reg is given up to 2 terms (i.e. 4 years) of provisional registration to complete the framework. If the P-reg is not able to do so, OOB would not extend the period of provisional registration, and he/she would be removed from the register.

There are also specific requirements for the respective registered professions. For more details, please refer to the Supervisory Framework Guidelines for the respective professions.

You may download the Guidelines under “Information for Provisional Registered Optometrists and Opticians” on the OOB’s website.

Q2. Are there any requirements for the employment of P-reg?

A2. Any optical practice wishing to employ P-reg must ensure that there is at least one eligible supervisor in the same practice place to provide supervision on-site at all times. This applies to optical chain stores as well; individual outlet wishing to employ P-reg needs to provide an eligible supervisor from the same outlet.

For specialised cases, such as an ophthalmology clinic that could not provide on-site supervisor, the P-reg will be allowed to engage an off-site supervisor. For such appointment, OOB’s prior approval will be required.

Q3. What are the eligibility criteria to be a supervisor?

A3.The general criteria are as follows -

a. Be a fully registered practitioner;
b. Possess a minimum of 3 years full-time practice experience;
c. Under full-time employment and works at the same workplace as the supervisee (i.e. same company and practising outlet); 
d. Must not have any direct personal relationship with the supervisee either by spousal or first-degree relatives (parents, full siblings and children); and
e. Attend the supervisory framework briefing prior or during the period of undertaking.

For more details, please refer to the “Supervisor’s Eligibility” in the Supervisory Framework Guidelines for the respective professions.

Q4. What are the duties of the supervisor?

A4. Supervisor is responsible for the following duties:
a. Provide adequate supervision and guidance to the supervisee during the period of his/ her provisional registration;
b. Assist in co-managing the supervisee’s patients professionally as his/ her own;
c. Vet and sign off supervisee’s cases gathered under the framework; 
d. Ensure that supervisee’s conduct and practice is befitting of the profession and adhere to OOB’s Professional Practice Guidelines (PPG);
e. Conduct a progress assessment with supervisee on his/her performance once every 3 months (on-site supervisor) or monthly (off-site supervisor) using the OOB’s supervisor’s report template and submit on a timely manner as required.

Q5. When do I have to submit the log cases and the supervisor’s reports?

A5. Once the P-reg has collected the required types of case, he/she can submit the log cases and the supervisor’s reports (also known as “logbook”) to OOB for assessment as early as 9 months from the date of registration. Assessment could take up to 90 working days (i.e. 5 months).

P-reg should aim to submit at least 150 days before the expiry of provisional registration to give sufficient time for the OOB’s assessment, or the latest would be until the last date of registration period. No logbook submission will be accepted after the expiry of provisional registration.

Q6. Can OOB help me to vet if my log cases are acceptable before I submit?

A6. OOB would not vet any log cases or drafts before the official submission. P-reg and supervisor may refer to the specific case requirements and additional guiding pointers for the logged cases in the guidelines.

Q7. What are the possible outcomes from the assessment of logbook?

A7. OOB will assess the logbook and inform you of the outcome.

If you pass the assessment, you may immediately apply for full registration if you have fulfilled the minimum years of experience for your registered profession (i.e. one year for optometrist, two years for optician), or you could defer the application until your provisional registration is about to expire (30 days prior).

If you fail the assessment, you would have to re-submit the logbook with a whole new set of cases; you are not allowed to only re-submit those cases that you did not do well in. You can continue to collect the required types of case if there is still sufficient time within your provisional registration. However, if there is insufficient time left under your provisional registration, you would have to apply for a second term of provisional registration.

Q8. If I or my supervisor would need to go on an extended leave due to various reasons (e.g. medical, maternity), how would my supervision be affected?

A8. P-reg and/or supervisor who are away from practice for more than 30 calendar days consecutively are required to inform OOB 2 weeks in advance on the exact period of leave and reasons. Supporting documents should be provided, if applicable.  Your supervised practice will be temporarily suspended, and the period of absence would not count as part of your supervised practice.

If the supervisor is away for more than 30 days, the P-reg will need to appoint a new supervisor to continue practising under supervision.

Q9. What do I have to do if I wish to change workplace and/ or supervisor during provisional registration?

A9. You will need to seek approval from OOB for the change 2 weeks in advance. 

Please refer to the OOB’s website on “Information for Provisional Registered Optometrists and Opticians”, “Change of Workplace and/ or Supervisor” for the information/ documents to be submitted.

Q10. If this is my final term of Provisional registration, could I extend or renew?

A10. No, once your current (final) registration has expired and you did not submit any logbook, you will not be able to extend or renew your registration.

If you have submitted a logbook and are waiting for the results, you would not be able to practice after your registration expired. You would be advised on the next course of action on release of logbook outcome.


Continuing Professional Education

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Q1. How do I submit CPE claims?

A1. If you have attended an overseas CPE event, or you are the author of an article published in a journal or have participated in online learning, you may submit your claims with the supporting documents through PRS.

Please refer to the “CPE guidelines for Optometrists and Opticians for the types of documents required and the “User Manual for steps on how to submit CPE claims for different categories.

Q2. How do I know how many points I have accumulated?

A2. You may check your CPE status by logging in to the PRS. Select “CPE”, “Enquire CPE” to view your CPE records.

Q3. Can I attend any local/overseas events that are not in OOB’s list of approved providers?

A3. If the events are related to optometry practice and not related to commercial products launch or product orientation, you can send the relevant information to OOB in advance for review to

Please submit full details of the programme and website of the event for review.

Q4. Can I submit CPE claim for my publication that was published on newsletter, social media, advertorial or opinion column?

A4. No, CPE points will only be awarded to the author, editor or reviewer for optometry/opticianry articles that are published in professional/scientific journal and book/textbook.

More details on Publications (Category 2) and required documents are available on the “CPE guidelines for Optometrists and Opticians.

Q5. I attended a CPE event, but have forgotten to sign in/ out. What should I do?

A5. All participants should sign/scan in and out when attending a local event. If you have attended the event and forgotten to sign in/out, please contact and clarify with the CPE provider within a week after the event.

If you have fulfilled at least 75% of attendance, the CPE provider will submit your attendance on your behalf. Otherwise, no CPE points will be awarded.

Q6. I have fully utilized the Category 3 (online reading) but am still short of a few CPE points. Can I request to submit a few more readings?

A6. No. If you have fully utilized the maximum cap of 30 CPE points per cycle, you will have to accrue the remaining points through other categories.

Q7. How do I know which online journal is recognised by OOB?

A7. You may refer to the list of recommended journals which is available on via  this link.

Q8. What will happen if I submit claims for articles from journals or online quizzes not listed in the recommended list?

A8. If you are submitting CPE claims for articles from a journal that are not in the recommended list, please ensure that the journal is from a credible source. 

Please submit the following via PRS for our review:
a. Entire journal article
b. Certificate of attendance/ completion (if any)
c. Your brief summary

The outcome of your application will be notified through email.

Q9. What will happen if I have submitted similar articles/claims that were submitted previously?  I did not keep track of the articles I have submitted previously. Can I submit another time?

A9. Duplicate submissions are not allowed and will be rejected.

Q10. Can I complete all 30 CPE points under Category 3 within a year?

A10. Yes, you may complete all the 30 points under Category 3 within the same year.

Q11. I cannot find the name of the journal in the dropdown list. How do I proceed with my application?

A11. You can submit your application even if the name of the journal is not in the dropdown list. Under “Name of reading”, please click “Select Here” and a new window will pop up. Please proceed to key in the name of your reading accordingly.

Q12. I have completed my CPE requirement for this qualifying period (QP).  Can I continue to attend events so that the extra CPE points can be carried forward to the next QP?

A12. No, any excess CPE points cannot be carried forward to the next QP.

Q13. All my submissions have been approved. However, my CPE points have not been updated correctly in the CPE status?

A13. For such cases, please email us at

Q14. I have not been well for the past one year and therefore unable to attend CPE activities.  What should I do?

A14. If your health conditions have affected your daily living or fitness to practice, you may apply for lowering of CPE.

Steps to submit your request:
1. Log in to the PRS
2. Click on “CPE”, “CPE claim”
3. Scan and upload a copy of your recent doctor’s memo certifying your health condition
4. Submit your application.

Q15. I am a few points short to fulfilling CPE requirements. Can I submit more claims after the qualifying period (QP)?

A15. No, all CPE claims must be submitted by 30 September of your QP. Any submission of claims thereafter will be considered under your new QP.

Q16. I am on semi-retirement/stay-home-mom/work in other fields.  Do I still need to fulfil CPE?

A16. As long as you are holding a valid practising certificate, you must complete your CPE requirement within the QP for the renewal of your PC.

Q17. I am residing overseas and wish to keep my registration with OOB.  Do I need to fulfil CPE requirement?

A17. If you wish to hold a valid PC, you are still required to fulfil CPE requirement.

OOB also recognises major overseas conferences and local activities accredited by the respective authorities. If you have attended any of those activities in your residing country, you may submit your claims under Category 1B to OOB for review to achieve your CPE points. Do note that the maximum claim for Category 1B is 40 CPE points.

You may accrue the remaining CPE points through online reading/programme under Category 3. Please refer to this link for more details.

Q18. What happens if I did not fulfil my CPE requirements?

A18. All optometrists and opticians holding full registration and want to continue to practise must fulfil the minimum CPE point requirement for each qualifying period as set out in the Guide to CPE for Optometrists and Opticians.

Any breach of any article in the Professional Practice Guidelines could amount to non-compliance to guidelines and directives set by the Board, and practitioners may be liable for disciplinary action by the Board.

Complaints against Registered Optometrists or Opticians

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Q1. Is OOB the right place for me to lodge a complaint? 

A1. By law, OOB regulates the practice of registered optometrists and opticians in Singapore. To find out if a person is registered, you can refer to the “Professional Search” function on OOB’s website via this link.

If you have grounds to suspect professional misconduct or the lack of physical or mental fitness of a registered optometrist or optician to practise, you may lodge a complaint with OOB for disciplinary review.

If the person serving you is not a registered optometrist or optician, you may report to Ministry of Health (MOH) for enforcement actions. 

OOB is not the right entity to approach if you are seeking a refund or compensation. If you are unsatisfied with an optical product purchased and would like to seek a refund, a possible avenue to consider is the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE). If you are seeking damages or financial compensation, a possible avenue is filing a civil suit. Depending on the quantum of the claim, you may have to file it in either the High Court or in the State Courts. You would have to seek independent legal advice should you decide to pursue this option.

Q2. How do I lodge a complaint against a registered optometrist or optician?

A2. Your complaint must be type-written in English and supported by a Statutory Declaration (SD).  A SD is a written statement of facts that is signed and affirmed by the person making the declaration that the contents in the statement are true and accurate to the best of his knowledge and belief.  

By law, the SD must be affirmed before a Commissioner for Oaths or other officer empowered by law to administer oaths. You may download the SD form under “Complaints & Disciplinary Proceedings” on the OOB website.

Where possible, please include evidence to support your complaints which may be sales invoice, prescription issued by the registered optometrist or optician and correspondence records.

Please note that OOB is unable to accept verbal complaints (e.g. phone calls or walk-ins) or complaints via email.

Q3. Is there a recommended timeframe to lodge a complaint?

A3. For a complaint to be investigated effectively, the complaint should be lodged within two years of the incident, as the relevant evidence such as medical records and witness testimony may become unavailable or difficult to secure with the passage of time.

Q4. Will the registered optometrist or optician that I lodged a complaint against be informed of about the complaint and complainant?

A4. As required for the investigation, the registered optometrist or optician may be called upon to answer any allegation made against him/her, and if so, the complaint [including your identity and the details of your allegation(s)] must, by law, be provided to the registered optometrists and optician.

OOB may also access your optical/patient records with the practitioner(s) during the investigation process, but all such documents will remain confidential and not be disclosed to other unauthorised parties, except as required by law.

Q5. I have doubts on the advice and optical products prescribed by the registered optometrist or optician. What should I do?

A5. It is not in the capacity of OOB to offer professional advice on matters such as the effectiveness and/ or appropriateness of management by an optometrist or optician. One option you could potentially consider is to seek a second opinion from another optometrist or optician.

Q6. Can OOB advise if the professional fees charged by a registered optometrist and optician is appropriate?

A6. OOB does not issue guidelines on fees and is unable to comment on the appropriateness of fees charged by practitioners.

Q7. Can I submit a complaint against the optical practice?

A7. Under the Optometrist and Opticians Act, any complaint concerning the conduct of a registered person in his professional capacity shall be made to the Board in such form and manner as the Board may require.

OOB only considers complaints against registered optometrists and opticians and is not empowered by law to investigate complaints against the optical practice.

Q8. I only know the alias but not the full name of the registered optometrist or optician. 
Can I still submit a complaint?

A8. To facilitate the processing and investigation of the complaint, the complaint submitted to OOB must state the full name of the registered optometrist or optician. 

You may refer to the “Professional Search” on OOB’s website via this link, to search for the registered optometrist or optician.

Q9. What are the possible outcomes of the complaint?

A9. Upon receiving a complaint, the OOB will review and decide on the following outcomes –
1. Dismiss if there are no merits;
2. Refer for a formal inquiry if necessary, which will be held by an inquiry committee as appointed by OOB; or 
3. Mete out any one or more of the disciplinary measures to the registered optometrist or optician below 
          a. Censure;
          b. Impose a penalty not exceeding $10,000;
          c. Order that the registration be subject to such conditions as may be imposed by the Board for period not exceeding 3 years;
          d. Suspend registration for a period not exceeding 3 years;
          e. Cancel registration.

Q10. Can OOB help me draft my complaint?

A10. As an independent administrator of the disciplinary process, OOB is unable to assist in the drafting of complaints.

Q11. How long will OOB take to investigate my complaint?

A11. Depending on the complexity of the complaint, it typically takes about 6 to 9 months to complete a full investigation; more complex cases may take longer.  As all complaint and investigation proceedings are confidential, the OOB Secretariat does not have the powers to release any information or provide any updates to you during the course of the proceedings. You will be informed in writing of the outcome as soon as a decision has been reached by the Board.

General Enquiries

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Q1. How do I find out whether the person serving me is a registered optometrist or optician?

A1. You can do a search using “Professional Search” function on OOB’s website.

You may access the it via this link.

Q2. Can I sell contact lens online? What do I need?

A2. Only registered and qualified optometrists and optician (contact lens practice) can supply and prescribe contact lens under the law.

Q3. What is “Secretariat of healthcare Professional Boards"?

A3. With effect from 1 Jan 2020, the Optometrists and Opticians Board (OOB) is supported by the Secretariat of healthcare Professional Boards (SPB) for its secretariat and operational functions. The registration and regulation of optometrists and opticians continue to be governed by OOB, which retains autonomy and independence over professional and statutory matters, as provided for under the Optometrists & Opticians Act 2007.

Q4. How do I login to OOB’s Professional Registration System?

A4. For Singpass users e.g. NRIC/FIN holders, please log in via Singpass and 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) using SMS or Singpass Mobile.

For non-Singpass users e.g. Passport holders, please log in via User ID, password and 2FA (using Google Authenticator [GA]).

For HR personnel or CPE providers, you will need both a Singpass user account and an existing OOB account in order to access the PRS.

Please request your Corppass Admin to create a user account for you and assign the following e-Service access:
• Government Agency: Ministry of Health (MOH)
• e-Service: Professional Registration System (PRS)

Please note that since 11 April 2021, corporate users who are logging in to government digital services for businesses (G2B) are required to use Singpass. Find out more: