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CPE for Optometrists and Opticians

It is now mandatory for all optometrists and opticians professionals with Full Registration to achieve their CPE credits required within the qualifying period.

The qualifying period usually starts from October to the following September. A fully registered person will be going through a 2 year cycle. Therefore, please note that the targeted number of points within the qualifying period of 2 years for Opticians is 40 credits, and Optometrists 50 credits

Types of CPE Activity Categories

There are five categories of CPE activities. All optometrists and opticians are encouraged to participate in CPE activities from the different categories to have a more meaningful learning experience.

Please take note there will be a cap on number of points that practitioners can claim from each category for per QP. You may refer to the following table for a summary:  

 Activity Category  Description  CPE Points System  Maximum Points QP
Category 1A

Local CPE Events
Events conducted/ organised providers in Singapore.

1.Lecture/ Talks
2.Workshop/ Practical session
3.Seminar/ Conference/ Symposium

1 point per hour for participants

3 points per hour for speakers
No Caps
Category 1B

Overseas CPE Events
Events conducted/ organised by providers outside Singapore*.

a. Lecture/ Talks
b. Workshop/ Practical session
c. Seminar/ Conference/ Symposium

1 point per hour for participants

3 points per hour for speakers
Category 2

Publication/ Editorial Work/ Peer Review of Original Paper 

Practitioners can claim CPE points as an author, editor or reviewer for optometry or opticianry articles that are published in professional/ scientific journal and book/textbook.

Author –
1 paper = 5 points

1 paper = 5 points

1 paper = 2 points

Category 3

Reading & Online Programmes

a. Related article from list of recommended journals and online reading.

b. Online quiz/ e-learning with assessment.

1 point per submission 30
Category 4

Certification Courses & Professional Diploma
Formal programme or short courses which comprise of structured learning and measurable outcome offered by established institutions as approved by OOB.

Postgraduate Degrees
Formal programme comprise of structured learning and measurable outcome offered by established institutions as approved by OOB*.  

1 completed module = 4 CPE points


Eligible for one-time exemption of CPE points based on course duration. 

40 (per course)


Required points for practitioners

Category 5

Supervisory Framework (Supervisor Role)

Supervisor (on-site or off-site) must meet the following criteria to be eligible:
• Completed the necessary assessment & supervisor reports.
• Review and sign-off cases for logbook submission.
• Supervision of not less than 12 months.
• The supervisee must have successfully obtained full registration.

Claim(s) has to be submitted within 6 months from the supervisee’s registration date. 

5 points per supervisee 30
Guidelines and References for CPE Programmes

Practitioners should refer to the following guidelines for more details:

  Guidelines and References 
Guide to CPE Program for Optometrists and Opticians [PDF, 202KB]opens in a new window
User Manual for Submission and Enquire CPE Claim in PRS [PDF, 3387KB]
Category 1A - List of Accredited Local CPE Provider [PDF, 126 KB]
4 Category 1B - List of Recognised Overseas Agencies for CPE [PDF, 16KB]opens in a new window
5 Category 3 - List of Recommended Journal/ Online Quizzes [PDF, 24KB]
Category 4 - List of Recognised Programmes/Course [PDF, 10KB]
Category 5 - CPE Claim Form for Supervisory Role [DOCX, 90KB] 
8  Steps on submitting Category 3 [PDF, 587KB]

Non-fulfillment of CPE

Under the revised Code of Professional Conduct and Professional Practice Guidelines (Revision Edition 2020), all practising practitioners are expected to fulfil the required CPE points within each QP. Failure to fulfil the CPE requirements could amount to professional misconduct and the registered practitioners may be subjected to disciplinary actions by the Board. 

The Board may cancel the registration of a registered person, or take one or more of the following actions:
i. cancelling his registration or
ii. censure him;
iii. impose on him a penalty not exceeding $10,000;
iv. order that his registration be subject to such conditions as may be imposed by the Board for a period not exceeding 3 years;
v. suspend his registration for a period not exceeding 3 years. 

For practitioners whose practising certificates have lapsed and who wish to return to practise, are now required to obtain the requisite CPE points in the 24 months preceding their application for practising certificate (PC) with the Board. The revised articles are applicable to practitioners with effect from 01/08/2020