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Forms & Downloads

1. Annual Reports
OOB Annual Report 2008 [PDF, 510KB]
OOB Annual Report 2009 [PDF, 712KB]
OOB Annual Report 2010 [PDF, 811KB]
OOB Annual Report 2011 [PDF,6000KB]
OOB Annual Report 2012 [PDF, 5000KB]
OOB Annual Report 2013 [PDF, 1000KB]


2. Updating of Personal/Work Particulars

For practitioners with Full Registration, please submit your update your particulars via PRS.

For Provisional/ Conditional/ Temporary Registration Forms  
New Application for Registration
(Form P1)   
Form P1  [PDF, 917KB]
Form P1A [PDF, 784KB]
Change for Workplace & Supervisor (Form P2)  Form P2 [PDF, 754KB]opens in a new window
Change for Supervisor only (Form P3) Form P3 [PDF, 622KB]opens in a new window
Declaration for NS/ Further Studies  opens in a new window Declaration for NS/ Update of Further Studies [PDF, 576KB] opens in a new window  
4. OOB Optical Services Listing
Optical Services Listing (by shop name) [PDF, 1233KB]
Optical Services Listing (by postal code) [PDF, 1233KB]