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Under the Optometrists and Opticians Act (Act no. 36 of 2007), practising optometrists and opticians will be required to renew their practising certificates on expiry.

Please be informed that only FULLY registered practitioners can renew their practising certificate (PC) upon the expiry. Please ensure that you have read through the following instructions before your proceed to submit your application.

If you hold a registration under provisional/temporary/conditional, please refer to instructions stipulated over here for more information.

Renewal of PC via ONLINE
1.    Practitioners are required to renew their PC if they wish to continue practising in the profession. Fees for each category as follows:






2 Years

Optician (Contact Lens Practitioner)


2 Years

Optician (Refraction and Dispensing)


2 Years

Optician (Dispensing)


2 Years

*For late or lapsed PC renewal, the validity period of PC issued will be less than 24 months (for a two-year PC), to coincide with the expiry date on 31 December.

2.    Practitioners are reminded to submit online application for PC renewal at least 30 days before current PC expires. Hardcopy will not be accepted. Late fees will be imposed after 30 days as follow:

a. A late fee of $50 will be charged for applications received less than 30 days before the expiry of your current PC.    
b. A late fee of $100 will be charged for applications received after the expiry of your current PC.

3.    Practitioners can submit their application for renewal online via the Professional Registration System (PRS). Practitioners may login via SINGPASS only. If you have forgotten your password, please refer to the SingPass website for details.

4.    A passport size photograph must be submitted as part of the application process. Please ensure that your submitted photo fulfils the stipulated requirements :          

a. Photo must be taken against a white background.
b. Photo must be taken within the last 3 months. Re-used photograph will be rejected.

5.    Practitioners may pay for the renewal fee via eNETS Credit/Debit Card
a. VISA and MasterCard ONLY; American Express (Amex), Diners Club and JCB Credit Cards are NOT accepted    
b. Acceptable Debit Cards: Visa Electron Debit Cards and MasterCard ONLY

Mailing of PC & Receipt
6.   New PC and receipt for fees payment will be sent via registered mail to the mailing address indicated in the application for renewal upon successful processing of application and payment. Please ensure that you have provided the correct mailing address in your application.

Requirement of 2FA
7.    With effective from 15 Jan 2017, you are required to log in to PRS via SingPass only. If you have yet to set-up your 2FA, please refer to SingPass for further information.

8.    Practitioners who no longer hold valid work permit/ employment pass are required to apply for 2FA onekey token online. You are required to update your valid passport number before log in to apply for the token here. There will be a non-refundable application fee incurred. Please ensure that you have provided the correct mailing and email address in your application.

For further enquiries, please call the Board at 6355 2533 or email us at enquiries@oob.gov.sg.

Last Updated :  06 Apr 2017 14:55