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Under the OOB’s current Continuing Professional Education (CPE) policy, all practitioners with full registration are expected to fulfill the minimum required points by participating in activities recognised under the CPE Framework. Optometrists are expected to fulfill 50 points and opticians, 40 points over a 2-year qualifying period (QP).

Current 2019-nCoV Outbreak

2              In view of the current coronavirus situation, we noted that several CPE events were cancelled, and the number of local events may further decrease as the authorities have discouraged mass events.  Hence, practitioners who have maximised Category 3 (Reading & online programme) may not be able to fulfill the framework requirements under Category 1 (Local event).

3              The Board has considered the situation and would like to inform you that for practitioners with qualifying period (QP) ending 30 September 2020, the cap of 30 points for activities under Category 3 would be removed.  Practitioners with outstanding points would be hence allowed to fulfill the remaining outstanding CPE points by doing reading and online programmes (i.e. up to 50 points for optometrists and 40 points for opticians).



CPE Points System

Cap per QP
(2-yr cycle)


Reading & Online Programmes

  1. Related article from list of recommended journals and online reading.
  2. Online quiz/ e-learning with assessment

1 point per submission

> Point cap to be removed for practitioners with QP ending 30 September 2020

4              There are sufficient sites and resources online for practitioners to complete all of the required points under Category 3. The current framework has already included a list of 63 recognised journals and 43 online learning sites, refer to this link for practitioners’ reference. You may refer to the User manual on steps to submit CPE claims under Category 3 through the Professional Registration System (PRS).

5              Practitioners are reminded to plan their learning early. All claims should still be submitted by 30 September 2020; any submissions received after the date would be recognised under the new QP.