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The OOB has recently developed a set of practice guidelines for the sale of spectacles online. Please refer to the following links for more details.

1.    Advice for Practitioner

The guidelines for online sales of spectacles aim to provide guidance for practitioners who intend to prescribe for consumers purchasing spectacles online, as well as for practitioners who are required to assist in the preparation and dispensing of spectacles purchased online.  

This guideline is not meant to replace, but is to be used in conjunction with the “Code of Professional Conduct and Professional Practice Guidelines for Optometrists and Opticians” issued by the OOB. Each practitioner is ultimately responsible for the management of his/her consumer, taking into consideration the clinical condition and information presented by the consumer, and the diagnostic and treatment options available.

    a. Notice to Practitioners [PDF, 61KB]
    b. Annex 1 - Online Sale of Spectacles guidelines final [PDF, 145KB]

2.    Advice for Retailers

For retailers who are interested to offer sales of spectacles online, please refer to the following notice.  You are strongly advised to work with registered practitioners to ensure eye health for members of public.

    a. Notice to Retailers [PDF, 63KB]
    b. Advisory for retailers (Annex 2) [PDF, 83KB]

3.    Advice to Public

Members of the public who intend to purchase spectacles from online sources are strongly advised to undergo proper eye examination and obtain an appropriate prescription from an optometrist before ordering any spectacles online.  You can search for any registered optometrist here.

    a. Advice for public (Annex 3) [PDF, 84KB]